Random Tuesday – birthday edition

Stacy Uncorked


  • Yup, it’s my birthday. Doesn’t much feel like one but at my age (39) what DOES a birthday feel like? We typically go out as a family but my mom is swinging through town tomorrow so we’ll probably go then. And even then, I feel obligated to pick a place where everyone will be happy. It’s probably going to be Mexican.
  • In thinking about my younger days and my childhood, I can’t decide if the death of Toys R Us makes me sad or not. I mean, there will always be a part of me that mourns the death of retail in general. I miss the way malls used to be – I miss them being hangout places with arcades and teenagers – and I will always watch dead mall videos on youtube, remembering with longing a simpler time. But honestly, the toy selection at Target is just fine and we buy online now. This is the future.
  • Since we move Friday (!!) I am honestly still looking at the pics on Zillow and imagining where I’ll put things. I’m thinking about the large amount of storage I will have and really, just usable space. My old kitchen was pretty large but the pantry was small. My new one is big. We have four actual living areas now instead of one. We have a storage area upstairs that is HUGE and a HUGE walk-in closet.  I don’t even know what to do with all this space!
  • Working, I find, is difficult. I can’t seem to focus, knowing how much other stuff I need to do at home. But I still need to balance my life. And I can’t take all my leave now; we have a trip to Mexico in November I have to save for! It’s for a wedding so it’s not like a planned vacation or anything but it should still be pretty cool.
  • And now for some truly random stuff:
  • tumblr_omzcywBk5E1w7norxo1_540
  • tumblr_p5llgbdvgU1sh3qsyo1_540
  • tumblr_p27bce9Tgf1vkv3kgo1_540

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