Random Tuesday – Hunger, year begins, not funny

Stacy Uncorked


  • You ever have such a busy work day that you get home and you feel drunk, but you aren’t? That was me yesterday. And then I did have a pint and felt DONE. But I wanted Chipotle so I got that and man, that food is like crack. Every now and then I get a hankering and once I’ve eaten it, I just want more.
  • I go back into the classroom today for the first time since Fall 2016. Been only teaching online and you get really used to not seeing your students. Sure, they have come into my office for conferences but it’s so different. Your interactions take place in your mind space and not in real time, face to face modes. In some ways, I am very nervous about it. Also, it’s a new textbook that I have not so much as cracked open! Whereas the old book? I knew that thing forward and backwards.
  • I don’t know if I mentioned it but I am training for a 15k and I have about 1 month to do so. I think it can work; I just have to run multiple times a week and ignore the pain in my foot that appears the following day. It’s not bad WHEN I am running but after. And the training is doable because I have done this before. And actually, in any of my half marathons, I found that I started to struggle around mile 10 so if I train right, 9 should be excellent. Granted, I am running over two bridges so that in itself is a fun challenge.
  • I know I have written about this before but remember the days when funny things were all over your various social medias? I honestly don’t see those anymore. I mean, not as many. It’s no fun out there on the net; not like it once was. Where did we go wrong?
  • Have you ever had plantar fasciitis and gotten rid of it? If so, any suggestions? I have bought supportive shoes, used a tennis ball, tried icing. It still hurts!

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