Writer’s Workshop – Comfort and joy


5. List 7 things that bring you comfort.

WOW I haven’t done this in a long time. But I am caught up on work and don’t feel very good so writing it is.


  1. Let’s get the weird one out of the way first: pictures of snowy/Christmas scenes. I hate cold. I hate being cold or out in it. And yet, a photo of a small town main street all covered in snow makes me so cozy and happy.tumblr_p08r3bO98c1wo7kt2o1_500
  2. When I am laying in bed at night and I take inventory: doors are all locked, kids are in their beds and bedroom doors are shut, the dog is sleeping peacefully, and all the lights are off. I feel most safe and comfy at this moment.
  3. The obvious answer is in relation to comfort = cozy so… blankets! Fuzzy socks and pajama pants. When it’s been cold all day and I come home and get in my chair and wrap up.   2ed1375fc32ec568ea5542280b6cbedd
  4. On that note, a fire. I hope my new house has a fireplace; I always loved that my parents’ old place had one. We have a fire pit and though I enjoy it, I’d love one in the same room I’d put my Christmas tree. How awesome would that be??
  5. And on that note, Christmas music. Though I do think stations play it way too early, albums like James Taylor at Christmas, The Carpenter’s Christmas, and almost all the traditional songs make me feel so good inside.
  6. Days when everyone is getting along in the house. i.e. no children are fighting and things are low key. It’s comforting to realize we’re living in harmony – for once.
  7. We’ve been talking about cold and cozy things but you know what else comforts me? That first touch of bare feet in sand. I’m a beach girl through and through and just laying there, listening to the waves roll in and feeling the sand’s warmth is wonderful. 13804921854_7dc4b829ba_z


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