MMMM + Another Monday as we careen towards 2018

Hey all and happy Monday! It’s gray and gross here today but I figure it’s because in a day or so, it’ll be cold here. It’s early for our cold temps so maybe January-March will be even colder.

We had a pretty good weekend; soccer practice Friday evening and rest. On Saturday, Isaac did the 5 mile challenge with Ash; they both came in second in their age divisions! Elliot ran it last year and won for the 1-9 age bracket – but he was the only one! This year, two 7 years old ran it. It’s not the most popular race in our town but it’s a good one; hilly. We went to Sonny’s and I napped then went to Target. Though I remember why I don’t like that place on a Saturday afternoon: college kids. They have no awareness of the world around them. I mean, 5 dumb kids with a shopping cart and Mommy’s money and they don’t move out of the way or even hear you say ‘excuse me’ and then they seem annoyed when people have to pass them. Shocking, really. I know it makes me sound old but oh my Lord. The stupidity!

Anyway, that night we went with a couple friends out to another friend’s birthday in a neighboring town. Pretty fun; this friend and his group are on average 8-10 years younger than we are so that’s always kind of interesting. But we drank and played some backyard games and had an overall decent time.

Sunday was all catching up on chores and combating ants that have suddenly shown up. My guess is that they arose when we unearthed them during the tile job. We messed with the subflooring so maybe that churned them up. We have traps set out and I am hoping they’re gone by later today. If not, I am getting an exterminator in.

This week is going to be a long, busy one, ending on Ash and I going down to the Tampa area for a trail relay run. I myself opted out due to my foot injury but I am going for support and to volunteer in the race village, etc.

And now, Christmas music!


I’m thinking I’ll share just a couple I really love.

Here’s one that makes me cry!

And one whose sound is so haunting, I love it.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Another Monday as we careen towards 2018

  1. You can see how painfully thin Karen Carpenter was in that video. She had a glorious voice and sadly was taken way too soon, largely at her own hand. The song is beautiful, as is the video, which I’m sure was put together by the person who posted it. Gloria’s song is excellent as well, and her name goes with the season. Nice post.

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