Random Tuesday – Ever want to just say “Eff it”?

Stacy Uncorked


  • You see what I did there; I curtailed my language. Not sure why; this is my goddamn blog. I’m feeling cantankerous so I’m sorry for that. It’s just the overwhelming nature of my week, though admittedly, I have crossed a few things off my to-do list. I should be thrilled.
  • I am still not adjusted to stupid daylight savings. Seems like every day, right around 5:50 when it comes as a shock that the sun is nearly set, I have a moment where I’m both pissed off and depressed because where the heck did my day go? My kids were just starting to love the cooler weather so they’re playing outside more. Except it gets stupidly dark and they can’t. Just annoyed; we are no longer an agrarian society!
  • Holy hell, you guys. I was mad when I saw that they’d cut his hair in this movie. The long hair is iconic. And yet? I loved this scene. He is scrumptious.tumblr_ook5hmxAtO1snteogo2_r2_540
  • My son is struggling with some 5th grade concepts so he’s getting extra help this week. Sadly, to get this help, he has to stay after school and he’ll miss the after care walking group and I have to pick him up. Just one more thing to heap onto the pile!
  • We have to get a plumber out to fix a variety of things. Hubs said I could wait but if I do, it won’t get done for many more weeks, just because of the way the holidays fall, etc. So I am currently waiting to hear back from said plumbers and have to then squeeze that trip home into my week.
  • On the home reno front, I am in love with my new tile! Honestly, I didn’t think too much about it since it’ll really be for the new owners; it’s just a way to get more value out of the home. But it’s rocking my world.IMG_20171109_174357_556
  • In fact, I love my entire kitchen; it’s a nice place to me now, finally.
  • OK, that’s all I’ve got this week. I’ll see ya tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Ever want to just say “Eff it”?

  1. Daylight savings you either love it or loathe it or you could be like me and don’t give a rats ass one way or another, although by the time it ends here I am getting fed up with it

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