MMMM + Chock-full weekend

I have seven student conferences today so… that sucks. Alas, it is part of the job. But I also have lots of grading and my actual job’s work. Oh, happy Monday!

My weekend was good, if not just a wee bit busy. Ash and I had lunch Friday and then we went and purchased the tile for our house. The guy comes later this week to tear up my old stuff and then we can begin this final large project. A few more minor tweaks and this can go on the market!

My parents got into town around 5 and we soon went to the kids’ school’s fall festival. Pretty fun but tiring! The next morning we were up early because Ash was doing a half marathon an hour away. The boys had early football games and my parents met us at the fields. We had a late lunch at Sonny’s, some naps, and then it rained so we just sort of hung out, made dinner, and watched some baseball. Sunday morning, my parents came over bearing donuts, we all got our runs in, then we hung around until they headed out. I ran errands, picked up some firewood, and napped. We had our first fire of the season out in the backyard and Ash and I ended our evening by watching Stranger Things season 2! (Well, 2 episodes anyway).


OF COURSE we have to have a Halloween theme. SO, without further ado, an old cheesy song and an old cool song that was featured in Nightmare on Elm Street 3.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Chock-full weekend

  1. Happy Halloween!
    I love that song “Nightmare on My Street” — that was so funny. I wasn’t familiar with it and it was fun. It will be in my head all day now, I’m afraid. πŸ™‚

    I don’t remember Dokken at all, me, a girl who was immersed in 70s R&R! The hair sure takes me back. Some of those band guys were hilarious, especially when we see them today, looking back at the old footage. Lol. Total Cheese! πŸ™‚

    Have fun tonight!
    Michele at Angels Bark

  2. Sorry I’m so late, but hey better late then never right? SO HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope you had a great time and a yummy & safe one! Luv the tunes. Nightmare on Elm St. always creeps me out!!!! bwahahahaha See ya next Monday my friend! ROCK ON~!~~

  3. I didn’t recognize the Dokken song and neither did my husband – he thought it was Krokus. For all my hard rock listening I haven’t listened much to Dokken so enjoyed being introduced to that song.. In all honesty, the Fresh Prince video was a bit much for me – but then again I am not a horror movie fan.

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