Random Tuesday – So need a get-away

Stacy Uncorked


  • Man, another late morning; i.e. I cannot get to work on time. Granted, I was only 6 minutes late. But I hate it. Part of it was me just getting behind and part was traffic. There’s a weird feeling about fall where things just SEEM crazier. Busy, lots of stuff going on, and just a frenzied feeling.
  • Look, I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any sense of the term because that’s crazy-talk but I have started listening to some theories about the Vegas shooting and… something is definitely fishy. Seriously, look it up. LOTS of things don’t add up, like a lack of blood puddles, bullet casings, and the inconsistencies in the CB Radio feeds. It’s pretty weird!
  • I am so into this Night Demon band and I wish anyone even knew about them. It’s such great classic metal. I sometimes nearly weep at how good it is. Is that crazy? Ever felt that way about a band or song(s)?
  • So we had this weak tropical storm blow through this past weekend and unlike most storms, it didn’t bring cool air. No, it brought humidity and left it! The temp says 80s but the “feels like” is in the 100s. Oh, and my hair is channeling Monica from Friends when they went to Hawaii.
  • Can’t get my brain together today. Don’t know if it’s a matter of needing more coffee, lack of sleep, or just the mid-morning slump but work isn’t coming easily. I do keep having images of past vacations flash through my brain. Think it’s time to get away? I do!
  • We are going to Legoland in two weekends! I am super excited for a brief get-away to something just… fun. Simple fun. I need this, guys. Really I do.

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