MMMM + Monday again??

Well, I was running a little late leaving the house, Dunkin’s mobile app wasn’t working, and I have to take Elliot’s forgotten lunch box to him in a bit but here I am; happy Monday!

Not a bad weekend overall though. I took a half day Friday just to get my act together. I went to the Chiropractor and then dropped my yard clippers off to be sharpened. While that was being done, I went and got my hair trimmed. I always feel weird about hair cuts. I don’t need a fancy salon because I really only need about 4-5 inches taken off the length. But then I feel awkward walking into a Supercuts/GreatClips, etc. But you know what? It’s simple, relatively cheap, and usually painless. Anyway, I got my nice sharp clippers then went to the store for some chicken for lunch.

After about an hour of rest, I mowed the front yard. So yeah, productive!

Ash brewed at a friend’s house that night and I got really bad sleep because he was home so late. When we aren’t running things, I swear no one has time management skills. But while he was gone, I did watch one of my fave movie, G.I. Jane. Such a good movie and it doesn’t totally pander to feminism, thank God. (Also Viggo Mortensen in short shorts; HELLO!)

On Saturday we had games back to back. Both boys’ teams shut out their opponents and they both had touchdowns. Good games! We went to Sonny’s after and then we… didn’t do anything. I think everyone was feeling very tired and lazy so we basically sat around. After my second little nap, I finally got up and did a bit of cleaning before making dinner.

Sunday was more of the same: cooking, cleaning, football (watching). We did go to Boston Market for dinner and had an enjoyable evening. I feel like we had a restful weekend all in all.


Not a ton of Fall-themed music but here are my picks:


God I love this song. I love her in general but man, this one gets me.

Let’s totally switch gears back to my norm and play you some GnR.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Monday again??

  1. I had come so close to including November Rain in my post so now I get to listen to it. I love rock songs that incorporate orchestras (like what the Moody Blues do in some of their works), and it was so perfectly mellow for today. Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like a very busy weekend to me. Glad for the victories. After all, they play to have fun, but the way to have fun is to win! Happy Autumn. You found two good ones on a tough theme.

  3. Hey, any movie with Viggo Mortensen is a good movie experience! 🙂 He is hot as hell! I had a boyfriend in college that looked exactly like him! Every time I see Viggo, I think of that guy…

    I hadn’t heard Billie Holiday’s version of this song. She is good!
    And I love GNR’s November Rain! It never gets old listening to that song.

    Have a great week!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. I never heard either of these unfortunately, but WOW! Love the video of Guns N’ Roses – November Rain! I think it’s the best one they every did and okay call me crazy in parts it kind of sounds like Bon Jovi’s voice and style… oh well, crazy me, but I think it really does, what do you think?

  5. Love that November Rain! Always have. I was going to use it, but I’ve got plans to use the song in November, and didn’t want to overkill. Billie Holiday has a great voice as well.

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