MMMM + It’s been a long time

Well, I started a storm recap post last week but it didn’t post so here’s a sampling of it:

That’s right, this week (all last week) has been WEIRD. For starters, I haven’t blogged since last Wednesday when I told about how the storm was heading towards Florida. Though it did devastate a good portion of the Southwestern area of the state, by the time it got here it had fizzled out. Sure, we got rain and wind and my kids had to clean up a bunch of debris but the storm we had here last year at this time was WAY worse. I am, of course, thankful for this.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve been off since Friday! Every government agency, FSU, and all public schools were closed. The storm didn’t hit us until Monday! My boys only went back today (Thursday) and my work is closed for the rest of the week. As I said, it’s been a weird time. I was home with the boys alone yesterday but my husband was home Tuesday as well. My daughter had a field trip today and though I hadn’t planned on going, I gave in because I mean, I’m home. But I don’t feel like I got as much done as I could have.

The boys and I did some stuff yesterday; I took them early to do ziplining, then we had lunch, got Ell some new (used) cleats and we got new play sand for the sandbox, for which Koda was very grateful. She’s been asking me forever to get that set back up. But I still didn’t get enough grading done and my house could be cleaner.

Back to to the present, I am back in the office! My parents came into town Friday and we drank beer and hung out. Saturday, we finally had Elliot’s birthday party. It was supposed to be last Saturday but because of the impending doom – storm – I didn’t think everyone would be able to come. In the end, about 6/10 kids invited showed, which was just fine. They had a fun time playing arcade games, laser tag, and go karts. Everything went really well!


It’s a freebie week so I am sharing a couple songs that I’ve heard recently and remember I like.

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