Random Tuesday – 10, Kinda feel like me, irrational crush, etc…

Stacy Uncorked


  • It’s really weird being back to work after an entire six working days (and then weekends) off due to the storm stuff.  It made me realize how much I rely on my office atmosphere to help me accomplish stuff. When I am here, I have the right mindset and work ethic to get it all done. At home, it just feels so foreign.
  • Elliot is now firmly ten years old and I don’t know what it is but he is, on the one hand, wholly independent and responsible and on the other, a complete asshole. Maybe the teenage years start creeping in now; I don’t know. But he can be such a jerk! But he also apologizes for his behaviour and gives me random hugs. Kids!
  • He’s also suddenly begun having issues sleeping. He used to go right to sleep and sleep all through the night. Lately, he is scared or sad or anxious but he cannot pinpoint why.  I have been using lavender essential oil on him and it does seem to get him to fall asleep anyway. Sigh. Always something.
  • I slept like total crap last night and feel it today; my neck hurts, I’m just REALLY tired, and I don’t feel right. Though, as this day has gone on (it is Monday after all) I have reacclimated to office life and feel a little more like my normal self. The Storm Week was a strange Twilight Zone of time when real life didn’t exist; where it was put on pause. BUT, time to get back to it!
  • I am going to tell you way too much about me now but the other night, I had a weird dream about Ben Shapiro, the conservative youtuber/writer/political personality. He’s a very devout Jew who seems sort of straight-laced and in my dream, well, I was completely ruining the poor man – just taking all that innocence away. I know this makes me sound awful but hey, we don’t really control our subconscious now, do we? I mean, he’s not my type at all – and that’s not saying I’m against super smart nerds. But I am sort of infatuated with the idea. LOL. I love listening to his podcasts already but after the dream? See him in a whole new light.58daab37e2ba3.image
  • My dreams apparently don’t know what they’re doing anymore.
  • I’m with our host I was once very on the ball and on top of everything but man, I have been off lately. Blame the storm, blame the beginning of fall, blame anything but it’s true that I haven’t blogged lately and I am disorganized. BUT, my programmer husband just created a massive calendar system that pulls from all our various calendars and hopefully we won’t accidentally miss things now!
  • OK that’s all I’ve got because emails and grading call to me, as sad as that is. Happy Tuesday everyone!!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – 10, Kinda feel like me, irrational crush, etc…

  1. It is not nice when a child cannot sleep, Leo has trouble sleeping at night and has asked me to increase his night time medication to help him sleep through the night but I have said I will have to ask his doctor about that.

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