MMMM + Birthday weekend and relaaaaxing

That’s right: after Saturday, I did some serious relaxing. Mostly mental in nature. Due to my illness last week, all the party prep felt very rushed last minute. Friday, I took my normal half day and Ash and I went to Texas Roadhouse. I had a roll (no butter) and a side of mashed potatoes. It was about the right amount of food, considering my week-long stomach THING. We then went to Toys R Us and got the last few things before heading home to clean up. It was the right amount of time, actually. My parents got into town around 4:15 and I made tacos, though only ate sparingly still.

Saturday we woke early and inflated the big water slide (delivered the night before) and got it all ready, even though a storm blew through. It didn’t rain while kids were there so that was nice. In fact, the sun came out in the afternoon. Ash took Koda to another birthday party and I went to Costco with my dad. In the evening, we all went to Sonny’s and had a very nice family meal. I.E. no one really complained or melted down. Sometimes it happens after a long day of activities. On our drive home, we caught the most amazing sunset. It was partially awesome because there’s so many trees in my neighborhood that unless I AM out, I won’t see it.


Sunday we had big breakfast and my parents got on the road about 11. I mowed the front yard and then, aside from some general cleaning and laundry, I relaxed. With the weight of hosting a four year old’s birthday party off of me, I could finally enjoy my weekend. I would say I did!

Since this is the last song that came on the radio, I’m picking it!

And it made me think of this song next.

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Birthday weekend and relaaaaxing

  1. I hope you’re feeling better after last week’s stomach problems. Birthday bashes for small ones are draining. We did that a time or two before deciding it’s too much work to keep up on an ongoing basis. All future celebrations were then kept to a quiet family gathering which worked more to our liking. I enjoyed these morning mewsic selections. Thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M gals. Have a good week. I can’t believe how quickly the summer is disappearing.

  2. I like that “Rosanna” video a lot. For a minute I thought that was actually Rosanna Arquette, but found out it’s Cynthia Rhodes nd it’s always good to hear Kenny Loggins… Good set!

  3. It’s always a relief when you are able to finally relax after big party planning! 😉 Glad you’re feeling better, too.

    I haven’t heard those songs in forever! They’re some of my favorites! Thanks for the dance! 😉

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