Random Tuesday – sweaty dudes, back pain, faux leather fake-out

Stacy Uncorked
  • July and August just bleed my bank account dry, y’all! You’d think since it’s summer and a little bit slower, it would not do this but things just keep coming up: after care registration, flag football registration, random school fees, etc. Painful!
  • I warned you yesterday that I was going to talk about this every day so yeah, Sunday night at the WWE house show, I was super excited to be able to actually touch my fave wrestler, AJ. I always wondered what I’d do if presented with a moment to be close enough to any of them. Apparently, I would reach out and brush their arm. You don’t have a lot of time to hem and haw about it either.  Still, the closest I may ever be to him. (Daddy AJ lookin’ good!)tumblr_or5jy7PzGc1tzogbdo1_1280
  • So on Saturday Ash had to get his oil changed and while he waited, he walked next door to a furniture store. While there, he found a couch on clearance and wanted me to take a look. So we all go back and have a seat; I think we were honestly just about to buy it when two things occurred: 1. the sales lady tells us it’s not actually leather but a fabric containing  85% polyester (eww) and 2. another salesman came back with a customer and says he just bought it. Which at that point didn’t matter because it wasn’t leather. We didn’t tell the other kid buying it, just in case he too thought it was the real deal. Sometimes things happen for a reason though.
  • I’m starting to count down things now. In less than 3 weeks, Koda turns 4. A couple days later, her birthday party happens. One week later, the boys go back to school. At the end of August, my oldest enters double digits. Time is going to careen out of control then. Once they’re back in school and flag football season begins, it’s busy all the time. In some ways I am kind of ready. This summer has had times when it felt so weird and wrong and just – for lack of a better term – BAD. I’m not the only one who felt it either. Many friends felt a pallor of ickiness about Summer 2k17.
  • I just realized about myself that I always have to fill out – and hence, waste – one party invitation to see exactly how I want to word things. Weird, right?
  • I foresee a chiropractor in my near future. My back and neck are killing me and it flared up after mowing this weekend. I keep doing searches for possible problems and when I literally typed “I mowed my lawn and now my back hurts on either side of spine and causing a headache”, the first 10 results are from chiros. It kind of makes sense. And actually, looking back, every time I got back to running, my back and neck hurt the first couple times. Something about my form I guess but I have got to get it under control. I am in constant pain.
  • Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. Happy Tuesday!

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