Thursday 13 – Scent-sational

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Let’s go very simple this week: 13 smells I love.

  1.  Fall fires. The smell of fireplaces or burning leaf piles wafting on the cool air.
  2. That Abercrombie cologne. Yeah, I know it’s for douchey teenage boys but I just love it so much.
  3. New books. Something about the binding glue or whatever is super appealing.
  4. Fresh cut grass. Right after I mow, I will sit on the steps of my back porch and just take in that earthy scent. 878c3f767c7120c43b2214b38a5b5750
  5. Satsuma. usually the “artificial” kind in an oil or some such. So fresh and clean.
  6. Clove cigarettes. Sure, I haven’t had one since I was in my early 20s but the spicy scent is intoxicating.
  7. The beach. I love the salt water and sand combo and also, how my skin smells after a day in the sun. 1da2db19aeca4b81a4fc13eaf5674ed3
  8. Cheese. Any kind; it’s a rich and savory promise of yumminess.
  9. Coffee. That first cup of brew in the morning is warm and comforting.
  10. Markers. Hey, it’s weird but that chemically smell is good!
  11. Australian Gold after sun lotion. The tropical scent is to die for!
  12. Vicks vapo-rub. yeah, I know it’s just camphor but it’s so good!
  13. Play-doh/clay. Reminds me of kindergarten and anything that can take me back that far is amazing! fe735c1f40cf9d1b499444ca13cc0d2c

4 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Scent-sational

  1. Your post is so enticingly smellorific! Thanks for the that.
    I love that play dough,too, and used to make it for my kids. It was eadible lol.

  2. I like smells but they don’t like me – allergic to practically everything, I am. But I enjoyed your list and thinking about the aromas. Nice.

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