Random Tuesday – Summer sucks already but vacay soon

Stacy Uncorked
  • It’s been a day already! I walked in my office at 8:20, which is not like me at all. We struggled to get out of the house because Elliot couldn’t find his hat. Then we realized, almost to camp, that it’s pizza day so we swung back by home to drop off their lunch boxes. THEN, as Isaac was trying to get back in the car, Elliot purposely tried to shut the door on him. I laid into him, let me tell you. This has been his M.O. for a while now. It’s like he’s looking for moments to be mean to people. Ten year olds, man!
  • I have SO much to do before we go on vacation later this week and man, what a terrible time for this headache to be on-going. Admittedly, I think it’s just sinuses now and I may have solved the problem. I literally cleaned out everything so well that I think without any fluids in there, my sinus cavities suffered. Word to the wise: you CAN over-neti pot.
  • If you have kids, do they turn their brains off during summer? I honestly think I might implement some kind of homework or mandatory reading time. Ell will read but without the routine of school, he just forgets about it entirely. ย And the he’s just a mindless zombie, thinking entirely about Henry Danger (I hate that show) and Clash Royale (I hate that game.)
  • Do you find yourself seeking distractions when you’re particularly overwhelmed and stressed? Yeah, I totally do that. I’ll pull up work I need to do then find myself right back on Pinterest /Tumblr indulging my hobbies. So because I have to keep this short, in the interest of time, I’m gonna share some Jeff Hardy with you because I love him, so bear with me. (hey, my husband is outta town; allow me this ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


I know smoking is gross but omg he makes it look good




He’s so pretty!


What is the best compliment you’ve received lately?

I know I mentioned this a couple weeks ago but I actually got complimented on my looks! In fact, that’s exactly what the guy said. “I wanted to compliment you… on your good looks.”

I don’t often get hit on so it was a nice thing for him to say. Usually people pay me compliments on my abilities, such as packing a car, organizing activities, and knowing how to get places. My sense of direction is phenomenal. And the thing is, I’d rather get those kinds of compliments because those are important little things that not everyone has. So if I can contribute my proficiency, I’m pitching in for the greater good.

10 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Summer sucks already but vacay soon

  1. The closing-the-door-on-the-sibling thing is a phase every boy goes through. Laying into him probably won’t put a stop to it. But you have to try…

  2. Jeff Hardy – YUM! and yes I totally find things to distract myself with when I should be doing more important things – the internet is such a wonderful and yet dreadful thing as well. I understand what your saying about being complimented on the useful things you do, but it’s really nice if someone occasionally compliments us on how we look (apart from my beloved, as he has to compliment me, it’s part of his job description).
    Pamela @ Days of Fun

  3. Oh gosh, my 12 and 10 year olds are acting like that quite a bit these days. Hubby tells me it’s just a sibling thing and they will figure it out on their own. Me as an only child is horrified that they try to kill on another daily. He laughs.
    I will not confess that Tumblr and AO3 are my guilty distractions – no I won’t!! LOL
    I am so amused that we both have crushed on men with last names Hardy ๐Ÿ˜‰ And they both smoke too, which normally turns me right off, but some guys just do look cool. I don’t know why.
    I loved that moment you shared about your “good looks!” Ha – every now and then it’s nice to get one that is a bit superficial, but the ones that acknowledge our daily deeds and such are the really important ones.

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