Solo-parenting is for the birds

Just three more days and we meet back up with my hubs. Thank God. The kids aren’t being bad, per say, but I’m just not up to the challenge of work, three kids, and packing for a 5 day vacation. Oh well. I’m an adult; I can suck it up.

Anywho, Friday, I made the executive decision to get a migraine specific massage. Let me tell you, it was great! And I think it got rid of the actual headache. However, I also think I’ve effed up something in my sinuses and that is causing my on-going pain – because it is only in the sinus cavity area. Maybe once I get back from vacation I will demand a CT scan. Did I even mention that? My GP called last week and told me to go to the ER. Where they deemed it a migraine and gave me meds but no scans, which is what my doc said they’d do. Either way, I think she can refer me to radiology and if I need to, I’ll figure it out that way.

But enough about headaches. Weekend was decent. Did some yard work Saturday then went to Sonny’s before Ash left for his conference. Elliot had a friend spend the night so we had pizza and snowcones and I tried to sleep but I don’t when Ash is gone. Sunday morning I dropped Ell’s friend off and then we went out to Wakulla Springs. Had a pretty good time there until the deluge began. The kids played in the (cold) water for a bit then we took the boat ride but just as we got off, the rains came. We ate under the pavilion then I called it. No one else was leaving (our friends) but I wanted to get home to finish laundry and take a nap!

Good evening all in all and now I’m back to work and trying to cobble together my life. I don’t feel like doing the music thing this week – mostly because a cursory glance gives me no indication of the theme – so I’m just gonna post a gif of what my boy did last night during wrestling. And you better believe I was yelling at the TV, “Jeffrey Nero you get down from there!”


See ya on the flip side, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Solo-parenting is for the birds

  1. Headaches are terrible sinus headaches or sinus pain is terrible I get a lot of headaches and went through a time when I was getting lots of sinus headaches and pain turned out a wisdom tooth was impacted in my sinuses and I had to have surgery to remove it

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