Wednesday Hodgepodge – I like the fewer Q format!

1. May 17th is National Pack Rat Day. Sidebar-should we be celebrating this? Hmmm…

To me, that sounds like an awfully bad thing to celebrate. Like, it’s negative attention, you know? I wouldn’t be quick to reward people for a bad habit.

2. What are two things you know you should know how to do, but you don’t?

Driving a stick is one of them. People have tried to teach me but I could never figure it out. Of course, how much will it matter in ten years when cars drive themselves?

The other is crochet. My mom does it constantly and although I have spent time doing it, I still cannot get the hang of the movement.

3. Do you crave sugar? Do you add sugar to your coffee and/or tea? Do you use artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes? When dining out is dessert a given? Are you someone who has slain the sugar dragon, and if so tell us how you did it.

Sometimes. I’m usually more of the salty/crunchy type. When I do crave sweets, it’s of the cake variety. I put a minimal amount of sugar in my coffee; none in tea. No to artificial sweeteners and I also don’t think I need to get rid of all sugar. Everything in moderation! 

4. What’s a trend it took a while for you to come round to, but now you can’t imagine living without?

I don’t know if it was an actual trend but I saw a lot of people on campus with the pop sockets for their phones. OMG it changed my life! My hands are small and phones are big. This makes it so much easier to carry that thing.


5. What’s a song that reminds you of a specific incident in your life? Please elaborate.

Halfway through 9th grade, I moved for the first time. It was lonely, not gonna lie. I had to make new friends and acclimate to a new city and school. But I had music and a band that came out at that time – Counting Crows – really got me through. Their first album, August and Everything After was so great. I’m going to share one of the slower songs but its somber tone helped me feel better, believe it or not.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

It is apparently National Craft Beer week and can you believe that I, a self-professed connoisseur of craft beer, have not had one yet? My parents are stopping into town Friday night on their way back to Orlando on house business (they finally sold; yay!) so maybe then. I have to run it by my hubs but I either want to go out for pizza or have burgers at home. I love a good home-made burger – all loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. YUM!


One thought on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – I like the fewer Q format!

  1. Thanks for telling me about the pop sockets. I have never heard of them. I have an iphone 6 Plus and it’s huge. I’m going to order one now. Enjoy your week.

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