Thursday 13 – Beer here!

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I had a problem coming up with an idea today but let’s go with…

…. 13 beers I have tried and enjoyed over the last few months. I wouldn’t say I drink A LOT; but I do like to try new beers so let’s explore. (In no particular order)

  1. Hanalei Island IPA – Kona Brewing company. A light IPA with fruity notes. Not usually big on fruit but this one is a nice balance and actually tastes like beer, which is my normal complaint about fruit types.maxresdefault
  2. Summerfest – Sierra Nevada. Another light beer; a pilsner type and it’s crisp.2010_beer_summerfest1.jpg
  3. Misery Bay IPA -Erie brewing company. I had this at Mad Anthony’s waterfront grill in Panacea and it was a solid IPA. Could have been colder though.image_thumb.png
  4. Reefraction – DEEP brewing company. A local brewery, this one did not taste fruity as it boasted but it did put me on my ass after two.REEF
  5. Brooklyn Blast! – Brooklyn brewery. I tried this in Manhattan when we were there a few weeks ago and it was GOOD. A nice double IPA.


6. Hop Commander – Captain Lawrence Brewing company. Another NY beer. A basic American IPA but solid. According to my untappd app, I gave it 5/5 stars.beer_346806.jpg

7. Troegs Nugget nectar – Troegs independent brewer. Again, a NY find. A “cask” beer and it was a bit warm, which is apparently how it ought to be. It was indeed a bit nectar-like but enjoyable.


8. Grunion pale ale – Ballast point.  This basic pale ale really delivered and went well with pizza.


9. Tropical Torpedo – Sierra Nevada. This was was ok for a tropical IPA. If you really want “tropical”, see #1.


10. Creatures in the dark – Proof brewing. Proof is our premier brewery here in town and this one did not disappoint. I don’t normally care for a stout but this one is smooth and sweet. A nice end to the night.


11. Shiner Wicked Ram IPA – Spoetzl brewery. This wasn’t the most amazing IPA but a solid drink.


12. La la land – Proof. Their basic brew – 850 – tastes like an IPA but isn’t; this one is. I love it.


13. Beer camp golden IPA – seasonal brew – Sierra Nevada. I’ve joked that if I could marry a beer, it’d be this one. It’s just so. damn. good.


5 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Beer here!

  1. Ballast Point is opening up a new facility, along with a restaurant, here in my county in Virginia. It should be open maybe by fall. I don’t drink alcohol at all, and never really liked beer but then I grew up watching my dad down Budweiser. I am sure there are better tasting beers out there now. I think this is a great Thursday 13. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great I gotta rtead this with just under 5 hours left to my workday, before I can get out of here & have myself a cool brew. Thanks a bunch.

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