Random Tuesday – Boring and not jealous

Stacy Uncorked
  • I love bullet points. I think this might be the only way to craft emails to my employees (see: mid-20s grad TAs) because they might actually read them. You think?
  • So, per our host’s post, I DID have a nice mother’s day. As mentioned yesterday, we had gone out t a family thing Saturday night (super fun, btw) and so, my kids all slept in. Nice! Then we sort of hung around lazily until having an early lunch at a Mexican place I love. The kids let me putter about the house without too much hassling. THAT’S a nice day.
  • I’ve got to admit: SO ready for baseball season to end. Just a few more games. Two Wednesday, then Monday/Friday next week. I liked it; we had fun. But I need a break. I need to reclaim my weeknights.
  • Man, I am just not with it it today. I can’t seem to think of anything going on with us; perhaps it’s the end of year blahs that are getting me – combined with the fact that I myself at work just began two new terms. College and public school really do not coordinate. Well, except that they finally started making the Spring Breaks the same. And not that it matters because staff have to be here. I honestly think we need to petition for a couple days off during that week.
  • I’m dreadfully boring today, I know, so let’s move on.


I’m not jealous!   What gets you turning green?Honestly? I’m not the jealous type. I’ll SAY I am. I mean, there’s times when someone gets to go somewhere or can afford to do something I want to do but I don’t feel jealous. I just feel that quick sharp pang of “aw, I wanna do that!” and then I move on. Look, I’m not trying to make myself sound awesome. It’s just that I’m not that type.

Last week my sister – who claims to hate the beach – posted a photo of herself in Daytona: a long wide shore, clear blue skies, and the calm ocean stretched out before her. I posted a comment saying I was jealous and yes, I was for a second. But the word, to me, denotes that I am personally holding something against them for having what I don’t. And well, that’s just not me.

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Boring and not jealous

  1. I think we all have that brief flash of “why not me!?” – but then the majority of us move on and don’t let it bog us down. I think that’s perfectly normally and naturally. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be on the beach?? that’s just crazy. Ha.

    Year end blahs, yep. I am struggling to think of anything to post about too. I am so glad the nice weather seems to have finally arrived so we can get outside and seek some adventures. I need topics!!

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