MMMM + Weird time of year

These last few weeks before the kids get out of school are always awkward. They’re pretty much done learning and ready for summer and therefore, they get so punchy. My boys are just punks in the morning. I get it; they’re ready for summer camp where they get to eat junk and run around and socialize all day long. Mark my words though: come August, they’ll be wishing for school.

So anyway, good weekend! Ash and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I enjoyed it, though liken it to the second Avengers; not a great plot but still good. Actually, it was probably better than that movie. Anywho, we picked up the kids and when Ash took Isaac to his game, Elliot and I had sushi together then I took him to his game, which actually ended up being rained out in the first inning.

Saturday was big breakfast and errands and a quick run before making potato salad and heading to a get-together. It was actually really nice; the kids were entertained by other kids, there was food and beer and we got home late. In fact, because of that everyone slept in Sunday. Happy mother’s day to me! We hung around until about 11 and had Mexican at the restaurant of my choosing. My day was quite enjoyable, even if I did have to do laundry. I sat out in the sun and I got things done in the house and even made a lasagna.

Today is the first day of the summer session here so I have to check in on my class. It’s online so it’s not THAT work intensive. But I do have to make a couple instructional videos. That said, let’s move onto the music.


Today’s theme is 60s rock songs so let’s go! Here are some that my dad introduced me to when I was a kid.

FYI, this song is the very first mention anywhere of the term “heavy metal”.

Can’t go wrong with Jimi.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Weird time of year

  1. We saw Guardians on Friday and loved it! It was just an all around fun, feel good movie.

    We have two weeks of school left and my 16 year and I are both done. Not sure who’s more excited – her or me.

    Love the tunes. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Great tunes you’ve posted today my friend and totally ROCKED the house!!! I don’t think I’ve ever heard your last song, but I like it a lot! WOO HOO! Yes, I think summer has actually started for many of the kids. I have my granddaughter’s highschool graduation coming up this Wednesday & the two little boys next door have been running around playin’ their little games like ringing the door bell & taking off like a bat out of hell! bwahahahahhaa Oh well, boys will be boys!!! Have a great week my friend. You’ve started us off rockin’!!!!!

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