Friday Five – just some wrap up stuff

  1. Even though both kids who stayed home “sick” yesterday could have gone to school after the doctor, I didn’t send them. In fact, it was a much needed break. I got some stuff done in the house and lay out in the sun for a bit. Maybe my kids needed that little break as well. They ate popsicles and blew bubbles.
  2. I had the weirdest dream last night and it haunts me still. We had to put one of our dogs to sleep in November but in my dream, she showed back up in our yard. The only thing we could surmise is that they didn’t put her to sleep and cremate her but rather, set her free and she found her way home. She was never a very affectionate dog but in the dream, she presented more human traits; she showed up and had this personality of “here I am, I have come home!” Ugh. What a way to begin the day.
  3. Today is the official last day of the university semester. Granted, next week is finals but then we have a week off before summer begins. Oooh boy am I ready for it to be quieter around here. I have bee low-key stressed for a while.
  4. I may have mentioned it but my husband (not a wrestling fan) made a deal with me wherein if I skip watching it this Sunday, we can go to the beach. I think I’ll take him up on that! The place we discovered that’s only 55 mins away is really nice. I also scoped out this place to eat and I want to go so badly! I just need a vacation SO much.
  5. I will say, the younger kids and I went out to Bradley’s (see my Thursday 13 list.) for some candy and a sausage yesterday and man, what a nice drive. It’s about 12 miles out Centerville, which is a canopy road. It was actually peaceful.

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