Friday Five – Weekend time!

  1. I’m writing this on Thursday and, well, it has been THE longest day. I looked up at the clock at one point, expecting it to be about 12:30 and it was only 10:30! How horrible are those days, you know?
  2. My desire for it to be later stems from the fact that I have to clean my house as soon as I get home. My mother might come into town tomorrow and even though I know she isn’t judging me, it’s still a good excuse to get vacuuming and tidying done.
  3. I read on Tuesday that jumping on a trampoline for ten minutes is the equivalent of 30 on a treadmill. So last evening, I jumped and let me tell you, that is a workout! Unfortunately, my old knee issue flared up. Ugh.
  4. OK so now it is Friday and I am in both a good mood and an anxious mood. My mom is indeed coming into town so I’m happy and at the same time as that, I am nervous because sometimes my oldest acts annoying when she’s here and sometimes she annoys my husband. Fun! I love family dynamics.
  5. When my husband was leaving for work, a woman was sitting in a parked car between our house and the neighbor’s. He said she randomly got out of her car and began walking a small dog. This is suspicious because there’s really no one she’d be visiting (knowing the neighbors we have) and it was also really early. I took her plate down because, hey, you never know.

That’s all for now, y’all. I didn’t take many pics this week because I’ve been busy and tired. have a good weekend!

One thought on “Friday Five – Weekend time!

  1. If I took the plate down of all the strange people who come to this complex it would on long ass list, why because we have drug dealers living in the complex and they get a lot of visitors.

    I remember as a child when my Aunty Pat would ring to see if it was ok to come over for a visit dad would have us all rush around and clean the house before she arrived got a shit load done in the 10-15 minutes before she arrived

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