Random Tuesday

  • I JUST got into my office, at 9:20. I took my oldest to the dentist and then had to get coffee. It’s a very foggy morning, though not cool as one might expect.
  • My brain hurts today; too many things I have to get done and not enough mental clarity to accomplish them. Ever feel like that? I KNOW I have stuff to do and the ideas come and go in my brain and then I feel lost. It’s probably not a good sign of my future memory.
  • We’re going out again tonight for our usual game night but I’m not that excited. A little burned out on social events lately.
  • My boss just brought her annual cookies, which are amazing. She spends hours making them and I have never eaten yummier cookies. She also gave me Starbucks and Outback gift cards so that is a bonus. I’m thinking maybe when we visit my parents we can all go out to eat.
  • I go in these phases of feeling very Christmasy and then feeling like I am adrift somewhere in my life. Maybe that’s just the fallout from being busy and hurtling towards year’s end. I think spending a night wrapping presents might really help me get into the spirit though.
  • On a completely random note, did you watch SNL last weekend? John Cena was hilarious on it.


 If you could make ONE holiday wish this year, what would it be?

Oh geez, I dunno. I guess, if you want to get philosophical, it’s that my family can understand that this holiday is not JUST about getting presents. I mean, they WILL get them but not a ton. We WILL spend a lot of time together and I want it to be wonderful. Part of that is reliant on my patience with them, of course. I want us to have fun and appreciate what family can be. I’m not sure how to strike this balance but I am hoping it can happen!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday

  1. It’s not easy to strike that balance with family, i hope you do achieve it. Also that you enjoy those gift cards.

  2. I feel ya on the not about the presents thing! oye. Mine, despite my repeated years of performing random acts of kindness every season, still focus on what’s under the tree. So we keep it small here. I think they are finally getting the message, but they will still wake me up at OMG crack of dawn Christmas morning. ha.
    I haven’t felt that Christmasy yet either… just too much hustle and bustle right now. I know there will be a time of quieter moments and then it will hit me.

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