Friday Five – Cold, shopping, rest

Five Thoughts:

  1. My husband comes home today! He’s been gone since Sunday afternoon at a tech conference and I am so ready to clock out on parenting. LOL. Obviously it doesn’t work that way but I can at least take a step back.
  2. The semester is officially over today. Next week I have a lot of stuff to grade and then I will be here just two more days before I am off for quite a bit; until the 4th at least. I am ready for a bit of a break, mostly in the mental department.
  3. I am finding myself reluctant to pull the trigger on a gift for Ash. We need a couple 0-20 degree sleeping bags for our January camping trip (I say trip but we’re only going about 50 mins away). but I keep looking at them and not buying them. Anyone have one of these that they love?
  4. It’s cold today and going to be colder tomorrow. I love North Florida weather: hot as hell in August but suddenly pretty cold (20s) in December through March. It’s pretty crazy!
  5. We have absolutely NO plans this weekend and that rocks. Ell has soccer practice tonight and I have to run on Sunday but other than that? Nope. Nada. I’m going to clean my house and organize and figure out what I still need to buy for Christmas. It’s going to be calming, relaxing. And in this hectic time of year, I welcome that.

Five Photos:


Taken this morning on the way to work


From last weekend’s birthday party


Car wash!


Elliot after winning his age division in this 5 mile race


It’s that time of year!

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