Random Tuesday – nearing vacation!

Stacy Uncorked
  • That’s right, I am almost on vacation. Today is my last day at work and I am so ready to turn my brain off! (And eat holiday food!)
  •  The handy man should be putting my bathroom back together today after doing the new tile, vanity and light fixtures. I am so excited for the renovation and to have it back to being functional. Also glad because my parents are sleeping over tonight on their way to south Florida. Can you imagine seven people and one bathroom? I can’t! Luckily, they leave early in the morning.
  • Soccer is starting soon but neither team has emailed me! I called parks and rec and got the coach names so we’ll see. They’re probably waiting until after Thanksgiving, which I totally understand. Though we’ll be in town, most people do leave for the holiday. Ell is on the same team as last year so at least I know those people and I could contact them through Facebook if need be.
  • Though my boys do seem to excel at soccer, I freaking hate it. I hate how cold it is, how practice starts at 5:45, how games last forever and a day. BUT, we do things for our kids that we don’t necessarily want to do. For the kids.
  • Over/under line on how many students come to class today? I’m saying eight. I’ll report back tomorrow so stay tuned!

Tuesday Chat!

“You can take these November chats to update about your personal task for the month, or; share a Currently post: what you’re reading, listening, watching, eating, wearing, etc.”

My tasks involve cleaning up and out with this upheaval we’ve had on our way to putting this house on the market. SO, let’s do currently…

Reading… Well… I’m about to start a new JR Ward spin-off novel. But I haven’t done it yet because we’ve been so busy! I think I’m ready for another vampire romance.

Listening… A lot of Carpenter’s Christmas! Karen Carpenter’s story is a real tragedy but their Christmas music is so good.

Watching… A lot of wrestling and football. I haven’t got any shows I’m into right now. But wrestling is on SO often that I always have something.

Eating… I’m still going easy on my belly after last week’s food poisoning. So I have been eating toast and ginger ale.

Wearing… Sweaters! I got a couple lightweight pullovers from Old Navy and not a day too soon. It’s been in the thirties this week.

And that’s about it. I mean, I feel like this month is a sort of limbo. We wrapped up football, traveled, have the holidays and then December will spiral out of control!


3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – nearing vacation!

  1. Yeah when we are on holiday we like to eat holiday food, have the pastry or cake because we are on holiday and to me holiday food is food we don’t have to spend ages preparing

  2. Ohhhh vampire romance?? I’m intrigued.
    I guess it’s about that time to put my Christmas playlist on my iPod and fill the house with Joy!! I can almost hear my children’s groans in the background. ha. I do not have any Carpenters – I will have to add a few. Mine is very heavy on the Buble and Johnny Mathis. I can only hold out until December 1st and then I must decorate and sing!!!

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