mmmm +Cold, post vacation, and upheaval

It was warm when I left on Friday and then we got back yesterday to cold weather. It was 33 this morning! I’m both happy and annoyed by the cold, every single year. I love being on the couch under fuzzy blankets, drinking tea. But at the same time, I hate being cold for too long. But anyway, I got everything going Friday on my own because Ash was still at his conference. There was some fallout from things the handy man did: mostly debris in the pipes after he shut off the water but the old pipe from the back bath vanity was leaking so the guy had to come back out. Sigh. While he worked on that, I got the dogs dropped off at the vet and started packing the car. I got the kids and we were on our way to Tampa, to both meet up with my husband and go to Busch Gardens.

I had not been there since I was about five years old so it was neat to go back. I am sure it is way different now; the only thing I remember is the log flume that terrified me then and I chose not to go on it now. But my kids loved the roller coasters and other various rides and it was not crowded, which is a bonus for us because that’s the worst part about taking kids to an amusement park: corralling them amid all the tourists.

We got back into town yesterday and had to clear out closets for our handy man to add bars and shelves. Then we watched football, did laundry, and I watched a wrestling ppv. All in all, a very nice weekend, if not a wee bit short.



Music Monday brings us this theme:

 I am thankful for _____.  Fill in the blank with the name of a solo artist or band.

OK, I know I have posted a lot of James Taylor in the past, but around this time of year, I listen to him a lot. There’s just something nice about these songs; calming, thoughtful, and just a nice salve on the busy time of year.

and a Christmas song too!

3 thoughts on “mmmm +Cold, post vacation, and upheaval

  1. Oh wow, James Taylor… my husband really likes him too. We always bring his CD’s when we go on vacation. We call it road music. I feel like I’m on vacation listening to your tunes. Thanks girlfriend!!! hehehe~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOURS!

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