Just things – a bulleted list

I like bullet lists so here’s one that just sort of encapsulates everything going on lately:

  • With all the negative vibes around the U.S. right now, I’m just doing my best to live my life. The president does not – I repeat, does not – affect my day to day life. I realize this is coming from the voice of “middle class white privilege” or whatever BS buzzword you’d like to use but still. Let us move forward, folks.
  • I will say, the way some folks have reacted has really made me upset and just sort of coated my world in UGH. I wish we didn’t panic all the time. I want normalcy.
  • I’ve been solo parenting for the last 2.5 days – which is not bad really – but recovering from food poisoning and everything else? I’ve been just so so tired. I guess purging every last ounce of anything from my body took a serious toll. It’s been an interesting week, to say the least.
  • I cannot believe Thanksgiving is so soon; next Thursday! I’ll be off starting Wednesday because so will the kids. I’m ready for a break though; a nice time to eat, watch football, and get out the Christmas decor. This – with any luck – will be the last Christmas in this house. I am pretty ready to move into a new house!
  • That said, we have had a handyman working this week to do various things like installing new bathroom vanities, tile, handrails outside, etc. All this stuff will hopefully help us get the price we want. But in the meantime, my house has areas out of commission. I am sure some of you know what a huge annoyance this is! It’s stressing me out
  • The pipe that was under the sink leaks every time we use the other bathroom sink and I’m just waiting until it’s a reasonable time to tell him about it. I don’t know if that’s normal but it can’t be good that it’s leaking.
  • I know it happens every year but I am always shaken by the time change. Like, it’s dark before 6 pm and I’m all thrown off. I don’t want to run any errands in the dark and I tend to be on the couch pretty early, feeling sleeping. So not conducive to getting work done.
  • I have to get home soon and meet the handy man who will look at the random issues. I then have to take the dogs to the vet and get my kids to get on the road. I am at my wit’s end and ready to relax!

One thought on “Just things – a bulleted list

  1. I’ve taken a vacation from Facebook at least until the beginning of next year, and I might just stay off it permanently. Ditto Twitter. This was a needlessly nasty election.

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