MMMM + weekend with family

Three day weekends are so awesome, in theory. And sometimes they seem long and the right amount of time off and sometimes they drag on forever. This one was a combination of both. Thursday evening, we got home and had to clean up a bit then I took Isaac to his end of football season party. I usually avoid Chik-fil-a with the exception of the drive-thru because that place is a free-for-all. This time was no different but his coaches ran it well; we were out of there in roughly 45 minutes. My parents got into town around 8:30 so that was all we did that evening.

The next morning we had a nice big breakfast then drove downtown for the Veteran’s Day parade. I always liked that one, though it is the second largest we put on in our small city. We didn’t stay until the end; we beat traffic and went out for Mexican. I thought we might do some other fun stuff after but it was definitely nap time. It was nice to rest because around 6, all but the baby went to the FSU game. It was nice; good weather, we blew out Boston College, and we ate fatty foods. I love a stadium at night too. Very nice. I was pretty exhausted after so Saturday morning was pretty low-key. My mom and I got pedicures and then went to Old Navy and my parents left around 2-3.  The perfect amount of time spent with family.

I don’t remember if we did anything that night; I know we all winged dinner and I think the kids watched a movie. Oh yeah; I took a bath. It was cool out and it seemed like a good idea.

Sunday, we ran, as usual, and then I took the boys to a birthday party. I was actually busy all day. I graded papers and did laundry and made chili and a mac and cheese for Ash’s office Thanksgiving thing today. I did some grocery shopping and bathroom cleaning. And Elliot had the audacity to complain about tidying up his room before bed, claiming “I’m not even supposed to do this much work!” Like hell you aren’t, boy. The funny thing is that I DON’T do all that much for my kids. They are responsible for quite a bit. So why then do they say these things? Anyway, Ash and I watched Bad Moms, which was amusing but stupid too. new comedies – to me – always seems to take it too far. They have a smart idea and some good laughs then take it that one inch too far to the point of being not funny. When movies stop doing that, I’ll be more likely to tell you I like watching comedies.

Anyway, it’s a freebie week and as I sit here fielding phone calls from impatient students, I’ll choose some stuff that I have heard on the radio recently and remembered I like.



OK, first up, Moody Blues. Classic good stuff.

The  Bon Jovi. We considered going in February but we just can’t make it work, time wise.



3 thoughts on “MMMM + weekend with family

  1. I totally agree with John. Great songs! Bon Jovi sort disappointed me politically, but you can take that away from his talent!!! Sounds like you had a great time this weekend with your family. I wish my Mom was here to take her for a pedicure. When I did take her I remember she couldn’t stop laughing. She never went for her toes after that day just a manicure, but she sure was funny.

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