MMMM + Moving along

I did it; I survived our weekend of doom! Friday afternoon, Ash and I went to eat and then looked at a property. We’re still torn on whether or not we can afford to build. We really just have to ask how it works but I also don’t want to miss out on this parcel; it’s three acres, has to be cleared, but is on a road with only four other homes. It’s damn near perfect. Sigh. I just want a new home.

That evening, we had Ash’s office charity bowling event. I got the kids situated for the sitter and we headed out. I bowled pretty well, considering my ankle and I totally forgot to wrap it. After a few beers, I forgot about the pain. We got home around 10-ish so it wasn’t a late night but I will say, I woke up feeling not so hot. Not really hungover but tired and with a huge headache. I got to work on a big cup of coffee and a couple Aleve and luckily, by the time I got Isaac out to Buck lake by 7:40, I was feeling ok. Both boys had 8:30 gmes but 7:45 picture sessions at different areas of town. Ash and I divided and conquered and it all got done. Right after Isaac’s game, I met the others at a local park to drop my phone with Ell for a Pokemon Go party.

We finally had a bit of a break there; some lunch and sitting until we had to get Ell and Dakota took a nap. But I had to take her to a birthday party at 1:30. It was one of those disorganized ones too; where lots of kids were invited but like, two showed up. Sigh. It was at that point that I realized how tired I was.  I thought I might have a cup of coffee but by the time we got back from that one and had to go to the 4 pm party for Isaac’s friend, there was no time. Luckily, this was a random little picnic setup and they brought: Uncrustables, cupcakes, Chik-fil-a nuggets and… coffee!! Thank god for friends who pick up Starbucks for a kid birthday party. That one was a nice way to end the day because the weather was wonderful and being outside, streaming the FSU game, and watching my kids run around was just… peaceful.

I was exhausted by the end of that day!

Sunday was all laundry and football and that is about it. I needed time to relax! I have a gazillion things to do at work so let’s get on with this week’s theme.




A lot of commercial jingles have stuck with me throughout the years but here are a few I could think of.

Oh, this one. So catchy! Have YOU driven a Ford lately?

This Coors commercial is our all-time fave beer jingle. I feel so happy when I hear this.

And lets’s finish with a classic coffee commercial:



4 thoughts on “MMMM + Moving along

  1. Great pics and believe it or not the only one I’ve ever seen was Folgers. Yep, great choices. Oh yes, you do have to watch those beers some time they creep up on you. Also, I find out if you drink any off brands they will certainly give you a headache in the morning whether it be liquor or beer. It’ll sneak up on ya. ewwwww

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