Random Tuesday – Fall things, mostly

  • Work is SLOW this week! Luckily, I have other things on my plate. Fall parent/teacher conferences for my boys are today and Thursday; trying not to worry. I am sure they are both doing fine!
  • I know I talk about weather a lot but you guys: 58 in the AM? Oh hell yeah! (That was me channeling 1997 Stone Cold Steve Austin, if you’re at all familiar.)
  • I think it was Friday where I mentioned how busy my weekend is:  charity bowling Friday night, 8:30 am flag games at different parks Saturday morning (but we have to be there by 7:45 for pictures), a birthday for Ell from 10-12, Dakota has a party from 1:30-3, and a birthday for Isaac at 4. Oh, AND it’s our wedding anniversary. When the heck am I going to clean or, you know, take a nap??
  • I also want to squeeze in a pumpkin patch trip. Though, my kids all need fall-like shirts. I usually find some in oranges and yellows so they look the season. Maybe tomorrow when my boys are off school, we’ll go shopping. Admittedly, we’re going to Mission San Luis in the morning. It was a Spanish outpost where they lived with the native Apalachee Indians. Elliot has to do a Native American project and he got that tribe! We lucked out because we can just go up to this historical site.
  • Here’s last year’s pumpkin patch photo. The boys’ hair was way too long and Elliot had a huge scrape on his FACE because he rode he scooter like an moron.21958924628_09911e366a_z
  • Let’s hope for better this year!
  • I am not planning to do the Tuesday Chat because I have to prep for class but happy belated Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends. My husband is already asking – as he does every year – for the trial meal run. I.E. make all the normal Thanksgiving things a month before Thanksgiving so he can make sure it’s going to turn out ok; wink wink wink. But now I have to go buy a turkey and then do some planning!
  • My ankle is feeling pretty normal, though a bit tender on the sides, which I know will take a little more time. Those were some pretty big bruises. I cannot wait to get back to running. I miss the “have to” of it and the freedom, the music… yeah, I just miss it.
  • OK, I have got to get my ass in gear for class. My students need guidance!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Fall things, mostly

  1. Ha – I think your husband might secretly be Canadian! haha. I like the idea of the trial run. Or, I suppose I could just have turkey again on American Thanksgiving. That pumpkin patch photo is adorable!!! I think it’s perfect.

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