Elvis MMMM + Weekend of rehab

You guys,  if you ever sprain your ankle, I implore you to take the doctor’s R.I.C.E. method with a grain of salt. Sure, ice works and compression is good for short periods of time. But elevation and sitting around are not good. I got up and going all weekend and sure, I looked like I was having the worst time hobbling about but I feel way better now. The weekend was decent, considering. Ash worked a half day Friday and we had Mexican. We then went home and watched a very bad 80s movie called Deathstalker. Then we took a gloriously quiet nap before getting the kids. Ash played cards that night and I picked Ell up from a birthday party.

Saturday morning was super rushed because Ell had to be to the ball field by 8. Turns out he was playing a Buck Lake team with a kid on it I consider my rival. He’s just one of those kids whose parents think he’s going to be a sports superstar. Well, their team was indeed a challenge but Elliot’s team won 22-18. He had a great interception in the endzone and his coach (you know, Peter Boulware) dubbed him Prime Time. What a compliment! We always said that if Ell ever made it in football, he’d be a cornerback. I just liked to see him help his team and for some of the “cool kids” to celebrate him. There are about 6 kids who have all played together for a long time so they have a bond he isn’t in on. Anyway, it was a good game.

Isaac’s team did not win but he had a lot of flag pulls and a touchdown so there you go. We played on the playground some and then went to Sonny’s before doing little else all day. Most of us napped at some point and we just sort of rested, which was very welcomed.

Sunday, Ash and Elliot ran and I knew my foot was doing a lot better. Each side is still tender but not god-awful painful. I got my laundry going and cleaned as best I could before pizza and football all day. I did muster the courage to hit the grocery store and I did well, though leaning on the cart helped. FYI, in the south, a lot of people call it a buggy. I never got into that habit.

So anyway, back at work today and the ankle feels ok. I encountered multiple men on the way in who offered to help, which is awfully sweet and reassuring that there are nice people out there. I am hoping that moving it and exercising the right way will get me back to running in a few weeks.



Elvis songs?? Sure, I can do that.

I always liked Clambake so here’s a good one:

and a classic from his ugly suit days:

3 thoughts on “Elvis MMMM + Weekend of rehab

  1. Great picks…. I’m not really a Elvis fan, but I do like to watch the videos now and then. You really have some of my favorites. Way ta go girlfriend. hugs

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