Friday Five – Immobile and irate

Five Thoughts:

  1. Well, my ankle is improving but not as quickly as I would like. I’m trying to think of it in terms of time: I was pregnant three times for nearly nine-ten months so I think this 3-4 weeks is doable.
  2. My panic arises when I think about the myriad things we have to do in October and how easy they’d be if I was completely mobile: Elliot has a school project and we have to go to the library, Zoey has to go back to the vet, the boys’ school fall festival is next Friday, etc.
  3. I totally rode the handicapped cart at Target this morning. I felt a little silly doing it and almost like a poser but the splint did help justify. Also, I got there at 8 am sharp so I wouldn’t run into anyone. Though all the people stocking shelves didn’t make maneuvering easy.
  4. Crutches killed my wrists! I spent yesterday using them at various times and now my wrists are dead. I don’t even know if I could use them today. SO dumb.
  5. I will never ever take mobility for granted ever again. Take care of your ankles, pay attention, watch where you’re walking. This is my advice.

Five photos:



Me riding that cart; lol


I want burgers!d95286a18145b21b40466fb9f42cef6b


The last photo I took before my accident. Sigh.

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