Writer’s Workshop – Brief but painful



1. Write a blog post in exactly 9 lines.

Yesterday, I wasn’t paying attention and I took a step off step #2 instead of step #1.

I fell forward, splaying out and dropping my phone and Yeti.

My ankle twisted right then left and as I walked to my car and the adrenaline kicked in, I didn’t think it was that bad.

I was wrong.

By 8, I called Urgent Care and by 9, I was diagnosed with a tiny fracture on the right and deep sprain on the left.

I’m home today, resting; ace bandage and hard splint on my leg.

Later, I will hobble may way into CVS and acquire crutches so I can sort of get around.

I was training for a half marathon but that has been derailed by my stupidity.

I was angry at first but it happened and I have to move forward and I will pay a lot more attention in the future!



4 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Brief but painful

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry for your accident, and sorry you can’t do your marathon. Continue to heal and hopefully you’ll be better in time for the next one! I picked one of the other options for the writing workshop. =)

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