Random Tuesday – Sick?, cool, ugh

Stacy Uncorked
  • Y’all, if you read yesterday’s post, then you know I had a crazy kind of weekend and I tell you, Monday continued in same fashion.  I ordered food from Chili’s on campus from a delivery service but it took… one and a half hours! I was dying by the time it arrived and it was everything I could do not to entirely inhale my Mexican salad. Various other little things kept going wrong and I just chalked it all to stupid Monday.
  • I’m a bad adult; I did not watch the debate. I can’t even with that stuff. Instead, I watched professional wrestling. Yes, I do like to run away from reality.
  • On Friday, the low is… 59! And it’s only supposed to be 84. I am SO pumped about this. I’m ready for cool weather and more tea and Halloween and fall and leaves. Everything! I turn to certain music this time of year as well; this morning, it’s James Taylor.
  • You know, it’s funny: I spent so much energy spazzing about how awful my life has been lately – which, I realize is not actually that bad; it’s just little stuff – that now, I just feel exhausted. My brain hurts! I will say, coming home yesterday and drinking a beer while lounging on the couch was perfect. Some nights I feel restless; like I ought to do more. But I was perfectly content.
  • However, later on, I moved to the back room to watch wrestling while Ash watched a movie I was disinterested in. I was a bit cool so I put the covers on me and drifted off for maybe 10 minutes. When I woke, I was burning up! I took the covers off and immediately started shivering. I don’t feel ill so I have no idea what’s going on.



“Which is more the “new year” for you: January or September?

Oh, easy; September for sure. Well, mid-late August down here in Florida. My kids went back to school on August 15th this year but FSU didn’t start until the 29th. More than January, when it is cooler and bleak, this time of year feels like a renewal. We have come out of the haze of summer where we were lax about bedtimes, went on vacations, lounged by pools.  Now we have to go back to morning routines and book bags, lunch boxes, and signing behaviour charts and school agendas. We have sports and homework and short evenings because bedtimes are enforced.

It’s a time to start strong too; to be aware of what we have to get done and make a good go of it. It’s a new year, a fresh start at good grades and success. In January, we’re mired down in the school year, in the middle of the holidays, and it doesn’t feel new at all. It’s a bit of a reprieve from hard work but it definitely is not a new year feel, just another year on the calendar.


6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Sick?, cool, ugh

  1. Well, now I feel better, if you didn’t watch the debate. It appears everyone up here north of the border watched it! I was starting to feel like a “bad adult” myself. But if one of my American blog pals didn’t either, then I think I’m safe. 😉
    I love this time of year. I never thought of it as a “new year”, but so true, it is more a time of renewal and fresh starts than January. I also had the weird “maybe I’m sick but I don’t feel sick?” problem on the weekend… slept like a log for hours on Saturday afternoon, woke up feeling hot and unwell, then felt groggy and disconnected for a long time after… but never actually came down with anything. So weird.

  2. I didn’t watch the debate either, but my Facebook and Twitter buddies made sure all highlights and personal thoughts were well covered. I’m thinking that I might need to avoid social media for a day after the next one.

  3. I watched an old episode of “To Tell The Truth” where John Le Carre was one of the contestants, then an episode of “What’s My Line?” that featured the judge that married Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. I have neither the time nor inclination for politics.

  4. I didn’t watch the debate, but then I am in a different country so that is why, that said I have seen bits and pieces Trump has a problem with his nose that is what I got from what I have seen. Being sick isn’t nice ask Trump he must know with his nose problems.

  5. Whew! I didn’t watch the debate last night, either! You were not alone! 🙂

    An hour-and-a-half before delivery?! I would have gone mad!! I hope you’re not coming down with something – it is that time of year with fresh germs from the germ factory (school). 😉

    I’m definitely ready for the cooler weather – of course we don’t get the heat nearly as bad as you guys do during the summer, but it’s definitely annoying when the nighttime lows aren’t low enough to call them ‘low’. Looks like cooler air is coming in after the rain we had today, giving that perfect crispness to the air I love this time of year!

    I love your reasoning behind why September feels more like a new year than January – I think I need to change my thought process, because I can relate!! Have a great week, Claire – hope you aren’t catching something!

    Bus Wishes with Funnies and New Year Specification: RTT Rebel with Coffee

  6. I didn’t watch the debate either – but then, I am Canadian. Not to say I do not keep informed about your election, because certainly the result will affect us as well. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that September was more “new.” It’s exactly as you say, coming out of the summer haze. January is no different than December is not different than February basically. I like this fresh start in the Fall; it feels more natural for some reason.

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