Wednesday Hodgepodge – Hurtling towards the end of summer

1. I read here four creative activities to try this month. They were-calligraphy, make your own cookbook, dance or learn a new type of dance, and letter writing. Which activity on the list appeals to you most? Will you add it to your August?

I am going to go with letter writing. I like the idea of crafting letters – and by this I mean I’d probably write an email. I was thinking about writing to my aunt today. I’m home with a headache and general discomfort and I thought it might be nice to catch up.

2. Bertrand Russell is quoted as saying, ‘To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.’ Agree or disagree? Explain.

I guess I do agree because without stuff you want or stuff you have but cannot have temporarily, you start to appreciate things. You know, any time I have had to go without, say, my phone or computer, I appreciate my time away and become thankful for their usefulness. As far as things I want but don’t have, half the fun and satisfaction comes from trying to attain it.

3. August 17th is National Thriftshop Day…are you a ‘thrifter’? If so, tell us about one of your best or favorite finds.

I have thrifted a time or two but I’m not huge on it. I haven’t ever really found anything second hand that I love love; maybe that time we got a ten dollar little two drawers table at a garage sale, sanded it down, painted it and added cute sea animal drawer pulls. This was right before my first kid was born and it served its purpose well. We only recently got rid of it, three kids later!

4. On a scale of 1-10 (1=almost none and 10=loads) how would you rate your sense of wanderlust? What kicks your wanderlust into high gear?

Maybe a 4 or 5. I like being other places and exploring but I don’t like the traveling to get there and I’m pretty sure that is wrapped up into the idea here.

I usually feel the need to get outta dodge right about late May and June because the school year is done and I just need a break.

5. Has life felt more like a marathon or sprint so far this month? How so?
I guess more like a sprint because of the varying facets. Dakota’s birthday, kids go back to school, then I start the school year at work, then Elliot’s birthday. We have so much to do for each.
6.What do you need to get a jump on before fall officially arrives?
Organization. As soon as it is technically fall, we will have field trips and birthday parties and fall sports and I just need to make sure I am all organized to stay on top of them all.
7. What’s the last thing you did with friends or family where you lost track of time?
As soon as I read this question, I knew this had happened not that long ago but I cannot think of when! It as just the feeling of that moment that struck me. Sometimes, we have been doing fun activities and forgotten that kids have to go to bed.
8. Insert your own random thought here. 
Home this morning with a migraine, but it is getting better. Not sure what prompted it. I felt fine when we got home from the Alice Cooper concert last night… which was amazing! He may be 68 but he puts on one hell of a show. And I was pumped to see Nita Strauss, the best female guitar player. She wails! But yeah,  I woke up i the night feeling bad but went back to sleep assuming it would go away. Woke up this morning feeling awful. And it has improved some but maybe I just needed a little recoop time. Sometimes I think we all forget about that whole self-care idea. I took the kids to school and went to Panera for a breakfast souffle. I didn’t eat much last night so this morning I was starving, I’ve had a couple cups of coffee and I am going to watch wrestling that I recorded last night. So this is much needed ME time. And I am enjoying it, despite the head pain.
Now, off to watch Smackdown and this sad puppy. Doesn’t he look like a puppy? Such a puppy!
P.S. That’s Dean Ambrose. SO cute.
P.P.S. Per our host, yes, we have had many snowballs this summer because our friends run a store nearby. So yummy!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – Hurtling towards the end of summer

  1. Okay, I would love to learn calligraphy – that would make a beautiful addition to my card making.

    I hope your migraine is gone and you are back to yourself.

  2. I actually learned calligraphy and got quite good at it – I got asked to address wedding invitation envelopes for a few family members and friends over the years (that seems to have gone by the wayside now, though, they print labels or have professionals do it now). I don’t use it much anymore, but every now and then someone will ask me to fill out a certificate for them, or write a dedication in a Bible or book for someone… it’s kind of neat!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon. I’m having one of those “ME” days on Saturday and I can’t wait.

  3. Sorry for your migraine. I do hope you’re feeling better. Yes, fall is such a busy time with kids in the house. Good luck managing all the many things.

  4. Migraines suck, as in they suck the life out of you and make one want to crawl into bed pull the covers over their head and pretend the world doesn’t exist till the pain is gone…………….or is that just me…………

  5. When you said letter writing, I did not for a second think writing a letter to Grandma (or whoever). I thought, yeah, I would like to learn the art of letter writing, like creating different fonts by hand or adding embellishments to your printing. I’m a big doodler, and I’m always doodling letters during meetings!

    But actually writing a letter to someone is a lost art that needs to be brought back!

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