Friday Five – Just making it

Five Thoughts:

  1. Today is the last day of camp for my boys. I am actually a little sad for them. Everything has to end but I know they loved their camp and friends and counselors. Next week, they’re going to my parents’ house for about three days, then we’ll get them back, and Friday is their orientation where they find out which teachers they have for the new year. I am excited to see who they get and for the routine of the year to begin.
  2. My school (because I work at a University) doesn’t begin until the 29th so that is part of what makes August a weird month. Everything is so disjointed!
  3. The rain has been pretty crazy this week. It will come out of nowhere and just dump a deluge. I was driving to a friend’s house yesterday and had no idea that this one area of a major Tally road tended to flood. I couldn’t get out of the right-hand lane because of traffic but it was deep and the p.o.s. car in front of me was having issues getting through the water. And then… their bumper fell off! I think I ran over it too and I am not happy about it. For a hot second,  I thought it might have been MY bumper but a.) my car’s bumper isn’t your typical and b.) mt car is not a piece of junk like theirs.
  4. I feel a little more clear-headed today than I have all week. It’s been a rough one: students yelling at me a lot (advisor issues) and other such things job-related. I am ready for some kind of break but sadly, that’s not coming any time soon.
  5. We’re having Dakota’s birthday tomorrow and let’s hope the rain holds out. My parents are coming and one kid from her class for sure. No one else has RSVP’d but let’s hope they’re planning to be there regardless. I find this has happened a lot over the years, as we’ve been having kid birthday parties. People show up without having said yes or no. And I’m ok with this but don’t expect me to feed you a lot because I’m not wasting either. You’re loss!

No photos this week; it’s been one heck of one and I haven’t taken many. Sometimes life is just too busy and some stuff has to fall by the wayside. I promise to get back to it soon.

Hey, quick question: if I revive the Friday Confessional meme, would people do it? I like Friday Five but I like confessing more.

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