MMMM + Is it weird that I miss my kids already?

This afternoon (Sunday), my boys left with my parents and I won’t see them until Thursday. On the one hand, I certainly do like the quiet and the mental vacation; my boys require a lot of attention. But I actually sort of miss how the chaos of them living in this house makes me busy. I almost don’t know what to work on right now with only one kid!

So, backtracking, I’ve been in a bad mood since Friday. But I rallied; I did. Ash and I had a very nice lunch before seeing the newest Star Trek, which was OK. Nothing special. I did like how it spent a good amount of time on another planet, reminiscent of the old TV shows in many ways. After we got the kids, I ran a good three miler and then we all went to the store.

Saturday began as normal – big breakfast and then cleaning – but then around 9, we got things together for Dakota’s birthday. We had slated it for ten and invited all six kids in her class. Well, only one actually RSVP’d they could come and only one other kid did show up. But three is an iffy age for that stuff. Either way, we had a nice time and it was done before noon! Since no one could decide what to eat, we went to the mall so everyone could choose. That afternoon was naps and the slip n slide and Dakota’s new bubble machine. I was very glad my parents got a hotel room because their earlier departure in the evening gives everyone a little breathing room.

Sunday morning, we got up and both Ash and I ran ( 7 and 3 respectively) and then went to swim in the hotel pool. Glad we got that in because there’s a storm headed this way and I’m guessing my parents’ plans for pools and the beach are probably not going to happen after all.

Back to the office and trying, again, to rally a good mood. I was feeling pretty good this morning because a work day morning with only one kid is a literal miracle!


This week’s “weather” theme is pretty interesting in that there’s a tropical thing coming our way here in Florida.


OK, here’s a couple slow songs that I have liked in the past:

You’re not getting away without some classic metal so here’s Dio!


2 thoughts on “MMMM + Is it weird that I miss my kids already?

  1. I love my boys and I miss them when they are not around but also enjoy the peace and quiet but my boys are my grandsons, when their mothers were children I couldn’t imagine having more then one night without one or two of them it happened only rarely that two of them would have a sleep over at their cousins place but that was always followed by the cousins coming here for a night.

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