MMMM + a jam-packed weekend

Oh man you guys, I had a WEEKEND. Let’s do the wavy flashback sound:

On Friday, Ash and I decided to go to Midtown Caboose for beer and burgers and the plan was to see the new Star Trek. Except we never made it. No, we ordered one pitcher too many and decided to go to Toys R Us and Target and then take a nap. It certainly wasn’t a waste of an afternoon sans kids.

I tell you, the after effects of said beer only hit me later that night and I was just done. I wasn’t hungover; just sort of dead tired and dizzy. BUT, I’m not going to lie: going to bed early was great. I slept all night long and woke up feeling amazing. This was fortuitous because my plan for Saturday was… pressure washing! I headed to Home Depot early and got me a machine, then began on the one side of my house that has vinyl siding. It took me a little under 2 hours to do that and the concrete slab back there. We then began on the driveway. I had help for that though; hubs and kids got to work and it was NICE to watch others do work. 🙂 I admit, I mowed part of the yard while the kids did the washing. We finished everything by about 2 pm and then I WAS BEAT. However, I couldn’t even get to sleep. UGH! I went to the store instead and just sort of puttered around before 7, when we left for dinner.

We met our friends at BJs Brewhouse for Robert’s 40th birthday. Good times, good food, etc. We went to Fire Betty’s after and played a bunch of video games and big Jenga! I love big Jenga, you guys. Life size games are kind of the best. Around 11, no one could figure out what we wanted to do next and since most of my friends live north out of town and Fire Betty’s is in Midtown, we decided to head home; because our house is maybe five minutes away. BUT, it was enough socializing for me and I was tired.

Because I don’t know how to sit still, I started my day with a trip back to Home Depot to return the equipment and then to Target. Elliot wanted to get Dakota something for her birthday with his own money and who was I to say no? We had a nice time shopping together, even though I was feeling not so hot. Just tired and unmotivated. Once home, I began laundry, etc and I thought I might not run but the coffee had kicked in and I went ahead and got a 3 miler in. Though, I think I have either plantar fasciitis or a heel spur. My right foot is, and has been, hurting quite a bit. I took it easy then iced it, then did some research. Hopefully with ice, rest, and some heel inserts for my shoes, I can get over this before I start half marathon training in August.

The rest of Sunday was reserved for more little errands and cleaning. I’d say it ended up just fine; I made chicken alfredo that everyone liked and I ended my night by watching classic wrestling matches. I took in the Hulk Hogan v. Ultimate Warrior bout from Wrestlemania 6 and the infamous “Montreal screw-job” – Bret Hart v. Shawn Michaels and Shawn won! The shock!

Anyway, Monday is here and I am trying to catch up. Let’s go ahead and hit up the freebie week, shall we?




OK, you know me and hair bands; let’s watch some more W.A.S.P.!

And let’s do some Bruce Dickinson solo work:

And how about a band I just discovered? Enforcer, out of Sweden, capture that 80s metal vibe so well!


4 thoughts on “MMMM + a jam-packed weekend

  1. You’re rockin’ the house… these are some new ones for me… but definitely rockin’ ! Holy Cow, you really don’t know how to sit down do you? You just keep goin’, and goin’. Seems like your weekend just didn’t end. Sure wish I had that much energy that’s for sure.. Anyway… time to rock on… have a great day and fun with our tunes!!!

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