Friday Five – Moving along through these summer months

Five Thoughts:

  1. Three o’clock is honest to God the worst part of the day. I get tired, bored, and my brain stops functioning. That’s where we are right now: it’s 3:09 on Thursday. I’ve got Dokken playing to keep me awake and I am trying to plug away. I didn’t take my lunch break so in 50 mins, I’m outta here.
  2. I started an entire post about this next thought but here is as good a place for it as any: after our recent Nashville visit and going to that brewery, Ash and I kicked around the idea of opening one in a few years. Of course, we’d have to actually start home brewing, then perfect it, THEN open a family friendly place. That’s the goal, really. I’d want to serve burgers too; because there’s nothing quite like beer and burgers.
  3. Did I tell you about the attack birds on campus? There is a set of stairs I take on the side of campus that lead from my parking lot to my building. I have been attacked by a bird from one of the two trees that set aside said stairs a total of three times. They usually just swoop down and hit my back with their feet; it doesn’t hurt. But it IS really weird. I have been off-roading around the stairs into the grass to avoid the one tree and it seems to have worked. Me, 1 – bird, 0.
  4. My boys are languishing these couple weeks without camp. Since we’d planned to be gone most of it, I didn’t put them in anything. They’re restless, even though Ash took them to do something each day this week they were home: bowling, pool, etc. Do your kids get easily bored? I swear, we get them a million things to do and they’re still not happy. I don’t even know what else to do.
  5. Cannot believe it’s already July 1st. Time is flying! We have zero travel plans for the month but a lot of other things: a friend’s 40th Saturday, a pre-July 4th thing Sunday, and then we’re probably going out to Monticello again for the fourth. We bought A LOT of fireworks in Tennessee, thinking we’d shoot them off in the NY countryside.  Also trying to plan something with our other friends; possibly Food Truck Thursday. For an introvert, this is all very daunting but I am sure it will all end up being fun!

Five Photos:


Sunrise this morning


I think I’m doing pretty good then

And here are some old summery photos I dredged up:







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