Random Tuesday – I’m crawling back in my hole now

Stacy Uncorked
  •  I have the boys with me today and it’s – so far – not too bad. We brought the laptop and a headphone splitter and a ton of movies we’d previously loaded for our vacation. It’s also a miracle that no one is complaining yet; we didn’t go to bed until midnight because of fireworks!
  • Let’s backtrack: we did SO much this weekend, it’s crazy. For an introvert like myself, it was daunting to think about. So, Friday was normal; I am pretty sure I made spaghetti and fell asleep on the couch. But Saturday was breakfast and errands and mowing before going to a friend’s 40th birthday. We hadn’t been to their new house and the kids went nuts for the two separate flights of stairs and a little hidden cubby room. It’s an older house so it had a lot of little hidey places. The next day, I spent all morning making a Thanksgiving meal for Ash’s birthday (today) because it’s his favorite. I know why it’s a Fall meal: it’s too sweaty to spend that much time in the kitchen in the summer! Around 3 we went back to our friends’ house to watch the soccer game and drink more beer – they invited all guests back for it but we were the only ones who showed!
  • Beer was the theme for the weekend, I tell you that much. After the soccer game, we went home for maybe an hour before going back out to a party hosted by my friend (a grad student.) That was amusing in that my kids were the only kids. The day before, there had been quite a few. The grad students got a real kick out of my kids though. That was a late night; bedtime around 10:30.
  • Monday we vowed to do nothing, which we sorta did. I did laundry and whatnot and we did go to Target. Around 4 we headed to Monticello for shooting and fireworks. I hadn’t ever gotten a chance to fire our shotgun and man, what fun! There’s something awesome about the power involved. We aren’t really gun people but I like being able to own one in case someone comes in the house. Judging from the state of those gallon jugs, I’ll be able to take them 😉
  • The food was good, kids had fun, and the fireworks were great. We didn’t get home until very late and the kids were tired and dirty but I guess that’s the indication of a good time. It’s summer, rules are a little lax, and they had some wonderful experiences.
  • I honestly want to do nothing this week. I want quiet evenings and relaxation. My plans for the weekend include sitting in our inflatable pool and that’s IT.
  • So how was your Fourth of July?

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