Thursday rage



Yeah let that be a warning; I feel very ranty/ragey today. I woke up unhappy: stomach hurts, head hurts, it’s only effing Thursday and I do believe I only have one more beer in the fridge. If that doesn’t make a person mad I don’t know what will.

Anyway, my main anger stems from the fact that I had to transport everyone to school/work today. Elliot also somehow forgot both his breakfast and his underwear (how he managed to forget that second one, I have no clue). Ash is getting new brakes so I had to fight morning rush hour to get him from the shop and onto work. Though I wasn’t very late to work, that does throw off my whole schedule.

Thank God I have coffee or else I might have already put a shiv in someone’s stomach.

Next, I watched Alpha Omega Sin’s rant about the current outrage from my favorite group and yours – the SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) – about the Xmen preview where Apocalypse has Mystique in a chokehold. I often wonder why people suddenly decide to be outraged. I mean, Xmen – and comics in general – revolve around the good fighting the bad. So this image is simply par for the course; it’s canon. It has happened before in many different variations: bad guy chokeholds bad guy; bad female chokeholds good female character and vice versa. Bottom line here is that it is make believe. It’s entertainment. There are real women in real peril every day and not a one of these asshats goes on a facebook/twitter/tumblr rant about THAT. I am so SICK of all these insecure sensitive losers who want to bitch and moan about tiny insignificant things like this. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Now go away.

Thirdly, a former student in this department ( a very nice older woman) was sitting in the hall and she basically snubbed me when I said hello. And this is not the first time. I am fully aware that not everyone will like me. But she and I were always on good terms while she was here but the last few times she has come back for dissertation stuff, she has treated me this way. I just don’t know why!

SO, to alleviate my irritation, I am listening to the likes of Yngwie (Unleash the fury!) and W.A.S.P. because the crunching guitars and Blackie Lawless’s voice do things to me. I am feeling better knowing I am almost done with grading papers AND we’re going to Chuy’s for lunch. Thanks for reading my rants; thanks for reading me in general.


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