MMMM + Vacation prep is annoying

UGH; this morning has already been crazy! Took Zoey to the vet because she is having an ear issue. She’s had it before on the other side so I know it’s minor but we leave Friday and I’d better get it done. It is a little embarrassing going in there though because in my dogs’ old age, I have admittedly stopped taking them for shots. To my credit, I spoke to two vet friends who said if they’re not having issues., they don’t need shots every year.

BUT, my weekend was – again – super busy. I’m solo parenting this week so after Ash left Saturday afternoon, I had to really pull it together. I made a concerted effort to do some fun stuff that first day. We walked around Target while it rained outside and got some things to do and then I made food they like. Sunday was no different. In fact, we did a lot that day: big breakfast, Barnes and Noble, food they like, a volcano thing from Target; Ell got to have a friend over and we had another meal they liked and a molten lava cake for dessert. I even managed to mow the lawn while the youngest napped. By the time Game of Thrones rolled around, I was exhausted.

It’s gonna be a long week, I can tell you that. I have grand illusions of maybe sitting outside once the kids go to sleep and unwinding. But I went out there last night around 1o and it was humid and buggy. Um… maybe not then. Summer is here, no doubt about it. Regardless of dates, it’s summer HERE.


OK, so it’s our hostess’s birthday and she gave us a freebie.

In typical Scriptor fashion, we’re going metal/hair metal. I’ll say, Dokken got lumped in with Glam but they have a lot of great metal songs.. This video is SO cheesy but I really love George Lynch’s guitar playing.

And I’m having a minor infatuation with how tall Blackie Lawless is so sit tight; you’re getting some W.A.S.P.

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