Random Tuesday – Crap weather, parenting techniques, and sinning a little

Stacy Uncorked
    • The weather has turned to crap again so I have a headache and I don’t feel well. Not sick; just blah. I wish the sun didn’t dictate my mood so much. But it really does.
    • You know what I miss? The 80s. Sure, I was in my single digits for most of them, but the entire aesthetic is ingrained in my memory. I miss the simplicity, the music… everything. I guess that’s the magic of Pinterest and Tumblr though. I can find pictures that satisfy my yearning.
    • Two of my most favorite things have been trending on Facebook this week: Iron Maiden and Martin Freeman. Maiden is touring and they announced Martin’s role in the next Cap’n movie. And might I say, his hair is looking rather divine.
    • tumblr_o2ych6DEBE1tf70vho1_1280
    • So I took Elliot’s tablet away for a bit. It wasn’t anything he did, per se, though he did get a few bad comprehension scores. It was because I realized what Hotline Bling is about. Now, don’t make fun but I don’t listen to Drake. I pay for XM radio and no pop stations find their way to my presets. SO, when I found out it’s about a booty call, and then thought back on how Elliot has been watching the video with lyrics, I decided that he’s too young. It’s one thing to hear a song in passing but another to read the words and internalize that.
    • I’m pretty sure the first time my mom took away a tape was when I bought Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik and Guns n’ Roses – Use your Illusion I. She took them, said she listened to them, then said I need to be aware that not everything on there is for me. At the time, I had no idea what she meant because the stuff I had no idea about went over my head and anything else like violence, I already knew better.
    • These kinds of parental decisions are tough because on the one hand, I don’t want to make a big deal out of something I could easily just talk to my kids about.  As they say, kids don’t come with a manual!
    • OK, time for Tuesday Chat.

Give it Up?  We are in the Season of Lent:
do you give anything up?  Do you observe Lent?
Hmm, I wasn’t going to write this week because the prompt makes me feel guilty. Well, aren’t all Catholics guilty? I mean, we grow up with the guilt of Original Sin and are told to sit in a tiny box with a celibate man and confess to sins that as I grew older, didn’t even sound all that bad.
 I evened out over the years and I consider myself a part-time believer. I believe in God or a higher power and the Golden Rule, which is honestly all I think you can ask of folks in this world. That said, I have observed Lent and the practice of giving up something in the past but completely forgot about it this year. And I am kind of a purist in that I don’t want to start late. That’s like jumping into a movie halfway through. On the other hand, I guess something is better than nothing. I have, in past years, given up things like soda (which I no longer drink), reading fanfiction, and vowed to not yell at my kids. I don’t entirely know why it is we want to stop from doing things if they aren’t considered “bad.” I know the purpose and the background but I just question the end result.
So no, I am not giving anything up. I will promise to be good though. Mostly. 3b5d07982e3a6ccffa1fee94f0c4360d

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Crap weather, parenting techniques, and sinning a little

  1. I can’t wait to see Martin in Civil War!! They are keeping his role super tight secret right now. That’s the only image we have seen of him so far. New trailer expected soon, and hopefully we get more about him.
    I had to stop the kids from listening to Blurred Lines. Too bad, it’s got a great beat, but those are some messed up lyrics. Even I don’t listen to it anymore. I think they do have a “clean” radio version though.
    I don’t typically give anything up for Lent. I don’t really see the point if it is something you plan on doing again once the 40 days is over. Giving it up for life? Now that’s commitment!

  2. One thing Natasha likes about living here is that Blain has been going outside to play with friends and not spending all his time online or playing his Xbox, children need to get out in the sunshine and enjoying being a kid just my thought.

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