Friday Five – to-dos, needing warmth and a break


Five Thoughts:

  1. In case you were interested, here’s a brief list of stuff I have got to do:
  • Get a haircut. I don’t go often because my hair does what it wants but I do need to lose about 5 inches.
  • Clean the microwave. Baked beans without a paper towel on top will wreck that thing.
  • Wash the dogs’ bedding. Why does this seem like such a monumental task?
  • Tidy up the house. We have so much junk just hanging around.
  •  Catch up on my journaling. Sure, I blog here but I also keep a journal and I have been bad.

2. Soccer ends this Saturday with Isaac’s last game and Elliot’s double header. I’m ready to move on to baseball but even more importantly, for Spring to arrive. Baseball season denotes Spring to me. In years past, I have noticed how practices are still cool but by the end of the season, it’s pretty warm.

3.  FYI: I don’t recall a year where I have been SO ready for Spring. I want warm weather. I want the flowers to bloom. I will take allergies over feeling cold every damned day.

4. Do you all use Spotify? I use the free version and tolerate the commercials but I’m starting to really hate a few of them. The Walgreens ads are particularly irritating; annoying voices, dumb people. I also really hate the guy who’s supposedly awkward and nervous about expressing his feelings. It’s so forced and dumb. Ugh. It’s almost enough to pay for premium. And I think that’s their goal!

5. Iron Maiden began their Book of Souls tour yesterday and I am being taunted by all the press about it. Photos of Ed Force One leaving Cardiff, Bruce at the helm. There’s even a real-time tracking app you can get to see where the plane is! And next Wednesday, when I am missing their first stop in Ft. Lauderdale – a mere 7 hours away – I will mourn. Sigh.

Five Photos:


When Baby and I had lunch while my tire was getting fixed

ell award

Elliot got this award from soccer; the coach gave each kid an individualized certificate!


My Valentine’s day flowers


Look at this super intolerant guy. I love the “sport’s nuts”, with the unnecessary apostrophe. OMG. I can’t believe people like this actually exist. What does he do? He must have zero hobbies.


Are you going to see Whisky Tango Foxtrot? You should, for Martin alone. Guh.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – to-dos, needing warmth and a break

  1. Ok what to say, well my life is all over the place some days and other it seems to flow nice and smooth just saying, also I get quiet annoyed with many adds on tv, not uncommon to hear me say stupid add and at times I have trouble figuring out what they are selling. I also need a haircut but have to find time when Tim has the time to do it for me.

  2. Hey I made that guy’s sick list- I am a Mormon! ;P We are going right from soccer… to soccer. Maybe I should see if my son wants to play baseball instead, I used to play it growing up. So did you get your list of things you need to do finished?

    1. That guy doesn’t like anyone! He’s the person I try to annoy and/or upset. LOL. It’s just my style. And no, I have not finished that list. But maybe by this coming Friday I can report back with success.

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