Friday Five – Mid-February

Five Thoughts:

  1. I woke up early today to make eight heart-shaped sandwiches. The funny part is that people at the daycare tend to wait a long time to sign up for these holiday events. I mean, they don’t usually jump on the list. The sign-ups for the Valentine’s celebration wasn’t posted when I dropped Dakota off Monday but when I came in Tuesday, all that was left was heart-shaped pb&j sandwiches. Why, of all holidays, did the parents get on the ball this time??
  2. You know I really don’t like this holiday. Case in point, Isaac didn’t even have to address his Valentines. We already have to give one to every kid (which I am against) and now we don’t even personalize. What a total waste of time. We aren’t showing kids the point here. Sigh.
  3. I know I sound like a curmudgeon but it’s just not a holiday I am fond of. I will, however, enjoy our office ice cream party later today. Because, ice cream.
  4. My new-ish ipod touch came yesterday and I am excited. I had a 2nd gen and it was awful. It wouldn’t – like all Apple products – update anymore and the kicker was that it would stop playing music right in the middle of a song. So I got a certified pre-owned and I love it. It’s a really different shape but my wireless headphones connect so I’m happy there.
  5. Speaking of ice cream, I kind of feel like a fat ass this week. There will definitely be a run on Sunday for me!

Five Photos:


I am really ready for beach weather!9c877a229b8cf0b0c7755242da5d53f7

Isn’t that cute? I want to go live by the beach somewhere


Here’s a sunset we had not that long ago


And soccer last night


And this is me all over!

One thought on “Friday Five – Mid-February

  1. Overall Valentine’s day really isn’t a big deal to me either, but I do love our fancy family dinner we do. Since we started doing that, I actually look forward to the day. I definitely always am checking the teacher’s sign up calendar right away to get the easy stuff. I figure I actually help out in the class more than any other parent, so I shouldn’t have to bring the hard things too šŸ˜‰

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