Writer’s Workshop – Youtube Channels.com

I don’t subscribe to a ton of channels so I won’t hit ten but I will point out some of the stuff I am watching.


OK, let’s begin with my favorite Hearthstone channels.

I sometimes watch the pros play but I mostly watch my husband watching these channels.

Amaz is hilarious and a damned good player.

Kibler is also pretty fun to watch. I am in constant amazement at how good these guys are. The draw is that they edit the games well and add extra features (like classical music) to aid in the entertainment of the videos.


Onto another dude – Ozzy man – who basically reviews stuff. He’s hilarious, if not a wee bit crude. However, this Australian guy is also fairly intelligent. His movie reviews are pretty in-depth and observant. I recommend this guys channel to everyone! Although, you may call hi stuff NSFW.


This channel does the Honest Trailer bit and they are so funny, especially when they list the actors and rename them.


Here’s one I just recently discovered. These folks do videos of Disney stuff and they’re entertaining. This guy’s a bit pretentious with the handlebar moustache but a cool channel nevertheless.


Of course I subscribe to a Sherlock channel. Are you surprised?


And though I may never do a Tough Mudder again, I still watch these videos because they’re fun!

OK, what are you watching?


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Youtube Channels.com

  1. Those look like some good ones. I watch Grav3yardgirl. She has a popular channel and I find her to be hilarious.
    I also watch Mama Kat…I secretly envy her Friday inspired drink days. lol

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