MMMM + LONG weekend of guests

And my guests are still here. It hasn’t been all bad, honestly. Well, until I was apparently out of line in expressing my distaste for pretty much every band and every movie my father-in-law’s wife likes. But OMG does she have bad taste in music! And look, I give everyone their right. I am certain a lot of people really dislike what I listen to. The problem was that if I had to rank bands from best to worst, her top five are my bottom five. I’m talking Coldplay, U2 and -ugh – Bruce Springsteen. But I also tried to explain that I think a huge portion of musical taste is simply something intangible. You know that when you hear a song, it appeals to you. Sometimes you can’t even explain why. You just know you like or don’t like it. She really put the nail in the coffin with Wes Anderson movies though. Total pretentious snoozefest, if you ask me. But again, everyone is different. I do think she walked away insulted though, which was not my intention.

EITHER WAY! The weekend did have a lot of great things like Mexican on Friday night, good soccer games Saturday (both kids scored; Isaac’s team won) and we had a nice lunch out. I was getting a bit tired of all the activity and having to be “on” for other people but I managed. Since Ash had a marathon to run yesterday, they left us pretty early in the evening.

The marathon began around 7:30 and the mile six water stop was just outside our neighborhood, so we walked up there to catch him running by. Then, his dad and Mary met up with us and we all went downtown to the finish. He did well, considering it was a very hilly course. The rest of the day was mostly resting and waiting for the Superbowl. I’m a general Denver fan and I like Peyton and I dislike how the media really wanted to hype Carolina so of course, I am happy. I tell you though, my Facebook feed was DEAD. Know why? Fairweather football fans pulling for the team the sports shows told them to. Sad, you know? Just sad. And I even have a reason to like Carolina: though he was injured this year, Kelvin Benjamin was my student. Oh well, congrats to Peyton and now we get a break from football.


OK so today’s theme is one Football related song and then Country.


I’m going to go ahead and pick last year’s Katy Perry performance. I like the majority of her songs and you can’t go wrong with Left Shark. FYI, my FIL’s wife likes T-swift and hates Katy Perry. We will NEVER agree!

I burned myself out hardcore on Country about a year ago and can’t bring myself to listen much anymore but lemme pick some songs that I still really love.

OK let me disclaim that this video is AWFUL. BUT, I am railing against the system. I love this song by Garth Brooks but a.) it’s not on Spotify b.) it’s not on itunes and c.) it’s nowhere on youtube other than in this form. What gives, Garth?

A friend of mine who ran her first half marathon on Sunday polled Facebook friends for songs that make them move even when you don’t want to. And though I’m done with country for now, I did tell her this song. Because boy how it does work in that situation.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + LONG weekend of guests

  1. Nice blog layout, dearie! I think it’s neat when we have different musical tastes. The diversity I find on 4M is the major attraction for me. I get to listen to stuff that I otherwise may never tune my radio or mind to. Katy Perry is a fun artist, Garth Brooke’s and Jason Aldean are some of country’s classic singers, but I can’t see myself owning any of these artists’ music. Like I said, 4M allows me to sample a taste of various styles without a real commitment. Thanks for sharing your football theme selections. It was indeed a party!

  2. There is a time when house guest need to just go. Anyway, I posted a Garth song too this week.
    You are the second person to pick Katy, she is a fav.

    Your babies are growing up!

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