Random Tuesday – Please give me normalcy

Stacy Uncorked
  • I’m so happy that my kids could spend time with Ash’s dad; they were sad that today will be his last but I explained to them that absence makes the heart grow fonder, etc. And then I did a little dance in private because guests are annoying. I wasn’t in the best mood yesterday and I was just tired of entertaining. I want my house back to normal.
  • Isaac woke up at 5:15 this morning asking for water; he NEVER does stuff like that. Consequently, I feel a little worse for wear this morning. Thank God for coffee.
  • Btw, I didn’t realize that today was officially Mardi Gras. One of these years – obviously not this one – I want to go to Pensacola for it. There, New Orleans, and Biloxi all had celebrations around the same time in the mid 1800s so it’s a legit party.
  • I really dislike Valentine’s day and I hate having to think about all the junk I have to gather for the kids. Dakota needs valentines and heart-shaped pb&j sandwiches. The boys have to fill out their valentines and I don’t know when that’s actually going to happen, amid soccer and homework and all that. Honestly, who has time for all this when you work? WHO?
  • Meanwhile, I think I might get Ash a toaster. I know it’s not romantic but ours really only toasts on one side and he’s always complaining about it. Did I tell you how his V-day and birthday gift for me already came? He forgot they might be in the same box as the camping stuff so I already got some sweet knee-high socks and wireless headphones.
  • Of course, all my devices are so old the headphones won’t connect through bluetooth. Well, until the end of this week when my new-ish ipod touch will be here. Mine’s a second gen and I ordered an apple pre-owned 5th gen. What a step up that will be! I’m pretty excited about it. That and my Bruce Dickinson shirt are en route (although, that one from the UK) so yay.
  • That said, I really do feel like shopping. But oh, how I really cannot. That money spent is the last I can really stand to let go of for a while. Time to buckle down and save for summer camp. UGH; summer is such a screw job when you have kids… and work full time.
  • I’m not going to do Tuesday chat today so I shall end with a photo of a place I’d much rather be right now.


One thought on “Random Tuesday – Please give me normalcy

  1. Oh how annoying is it when a child wakes at some ridiculous hour and we end up being out of sorts because we didn’t want to wake at said hour.

    Yeah it feels good when house guests leave, we like them, we may even love them but after a bit it is go home already and give me back my house and something like normal please

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