Writer’s workshop – Crush crush crush

I haven’t done this writing prompt in forever! This week, I like this one and I’ve got some time.


3. Tell us about a crush you had and/or have

Mwuhahaha this is just guilty pleasure material right here! I was walking back from the bathroom and ruminating on why we find certain people attractive. Why do I not think Ryan Reynolds is hot, whereas my friend, Carrie, thinks he’s the best looking actor out there? Why do my friends go nuts over Channing Tatum? I acknowledge his inherent sexiness and I certainly think it was hot watching him strip in Magic Mike. But I don’t melt when I look at him.

Maybe I’m just weird but I’m totally crushing on Iron Maiden’s lead singer, Bruce Dickinson. Ok, I know he’s like 57 now but I think there’s some kind of chemical in each of us that dictates what we find appealing. I also think celebrity crushes are such an awesome little distraction in our lives. In that Hozier song, Someone New, he sings:

There’s an art to life’s distractions
To somehow escape the burning weight

The art of scraping through

I just feel like we need them in our lives; women especially. We’re always told to be reserved and if you cross a line, you’re slutty or improper or what have you. It’s good to experience these emotions in a safe place. That said, would you look at him? Just look:

BBC_Proto_Early_Heavy_Metal_Documentary (1)

That’s a gorgeous man!


Beware: he’s using his rock star powers of eyelock!

At all stages of his career, there was something attractive about him.



solo hair

3-dickinson_pilot devil horns


Did I mention he’s a fairly good fencer? Oh, and a pilot? Yeah, and a history teacher and he makes beer. Buy some, it’s good! I mean, he’s so well-rounded and smart and you should see him when he talks about planes. He’s like a little kid!


When he quit Maiden in ’93, he had a fairly successful go at a solo career but they eventually got back together and started touring again. They have their own jet that he flies on world tours. Recently, he battled throat cancer – and won – and is still straight up awesome.tumblr_nugi0xjCRB1uskwngo1_1280

So yeah, there’s my celebrity crush in a nutshell. I swear, these little things that fill the empty spaces of my day – between grading papers and dealing with freshmen and making food for my children and handling life’s daily grind – really support all around happiness.


5 thoughts on “Writer’s workshop – Crush crush crush

  1. I can’t quite comprehend the Channing Tatum / Ryan Reynolds crushes either. Like, I get it. But they are not for me. I get crushes on weird people like Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, Craig Ferguson – smart with an accent and a bit of a smart ass side. That’s what I like.

  2. Ok, yeah, he’s pretty sexy. I have a thing for Bradley Cooper right now, especially since I saw him in Joy. Those eyes. And that voice. Melting.

  3. Yes, he is sexy and he’s probably closer to my age than yours! There is not enough paper for me to fill with my celebrity crushes…but I do agree with you that we need them. Great pics of him that you posted. I was not a fan of the group, but am impressed with what he has done with his career. Thanks for sharing. Thanks, also, for stopping by my Romance Movie list!

  4. In real life, my first live was a boy named Rayshawn Ryant. We were in 8th grade and he was the only person in the world who ever made me feel beautiful. We dated on the low from I think February until graduation(June). I was crushed after that because I knew I would never see him again,especially since we were going to different high schools. My mom didnt allow me to date so he and I only dated during school hours lol. I snuck out of the house for him once. We reconnected many years later on FB and I found out he and I were attending the same college. Admittedly, I troll his FB page in hopes of seeing his AH-mazing chest. And sometimes, I get lucky.

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