Random Tuesday – 100 days, pins, rock gods

Stacy Uncorked
  • Today must be my day; I ordered one veggie egg white wrap at DD and they made me two. I’m going to take this as a sign, ok?
  • Actually, considering how I have felt lately, I am in an exceedingly good mood today. I wonder why that is…
  • The teachers at the boys’ school didn’t do a great job leading us up to the 100th day of school. I knew it was soon but I feel like we could have gotten a bit more advanced notice. The letter came home Friday afternoon and we have to be ready by Thursday. Guess Isaac and I will be making a trip to the arts and crafts store tonight.
  • In fact, this week is filling up fast. We have soccer Saturday and then Elliot has a birthday party. We’ll be cutting it close on that one. It’s at 2 and soccer ends at 1. When you have kids though, this is pretty typical.
  • The redeeming factor here is the temps are going to be slightly higher: low 50s/low 70s. Yes!
  • I have been waiting for that first 70s day. We seem to get them every year around this time and though it’s cool, the sun feels so warm and nice, I tend to go out and lay in it. I really need some vitamin D therapy.
  • My Pinterest lately has been the following: beach pic, sunset pic, beach, beach, Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Bruce, Bruce, Martin Freeman, beach, Batman (ok, I like guys named Bruce), random recipe I want to try, sunset, sunrise, Bruce, Bruce. Just the phase I’m in as we near the end of January. And seriously, where did this month go?
  • I’ve always been a Maiden fan but I mean, come on, how can you not? The guy’s a rock god. And those don’t really exist anymore.
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OK, Tuesday Chat time!


“Do you have a personal theme song? Have you thought about picking one each year; much like how blogs choose One Word?”

Well, I too took the quiz and I got “Raining Men.” So… yeah. NO.

I’m not complaining, necessarily 😉 BUT I think I could probably pick a better theme song.

OK, can I pick a few? When I’m mad, I want Vader’s theme to play, especially when I walk in a room.

But as general life goes, I think this sums it up:

I never really thought about picking one each year but I can definitely see the benefit.

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – 100 days, pins, rock gods

  1. One year for the 100th Day, when my kids went to school, they glued 100 beans on a shirt in the shape of “100”. I wrote in shirt paint above it and below it: “I have BEAN in school” (above) and ” Days” (below). It was a HUGE hit!

  2. The Vader theme would be awesome!! Oh my, can you just imagine. My husband’s text tone for me is “what is thy bidding my Master?” LOL
    Jimmy Buffet is good choice though. Goes with that beach theme you have 🙂 Can’t say I blame you at all, I could use some sun and surf therapy too.

  3. Princess Nagger has been bummed they don’t do the whole “100 Days” in Jr. High. She wishes the upper grade levels had some element of ‘fun’ in them like elementary did! 🙂 OK I LOVE the Vader theme as a choice! That would be awesome! 🙂

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