MMMM + Cold weekend

Oh yeah, it’s cold for North Florida. It was about 30 Saturday morning and they called all soccer games because of high winds. And they were right in doing so; that wind didn’t play around. I think the wind chill shoved us somewhere into the mid twenties. But that meant I could get other stuff done like cleaning and errands. We then went to Sonny’s and took naps, which was really nice because I couldn’t seem to sleep Friday night – possibly because that’s what I did Friday afternoon. Ash and I did our usual Friday lunch + beer and since no movies were playing at times we could make, we just went home and slept. So nice to have the house to ourselves; it’s peaceful.

So yes, that was basically all we did this weekend. We watched episodes of The Middle and ate and slept and oh yeah, I mowed after Ash blew pine needles off the roof. I meant to put new wiper blades on my car but that somehow never happened. I did manage to meal plan and buy a lot of healthy things for myself. I’m eating my overnight oats right now!


Yes! This week’s theme is right up my alley – 80s bands!


OK, get ready to be educated. I’m picking all songs/bands from the NWOBHM (neh-wah-buhm) movement or The New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Up first, a band that debuted in 1980, Iron Maiden. As any music fan knows, Maiden has been around forever and they just keep plugging away. Book of Souls came out a little bit ago and is still rocking the metal charts. Here’s The Trooper, one of their best (in my opinion) songs ever. And omg, Bruce Dickinson. Sigh.♥

Another band in that era was Judas Priest, who actually began before the 80s but honed their sound to be  more 80s metal.

Now Def Leppard came out of the NWOBHM movement but wanted to distance themselves from metal aspects like the assumption they were dirty. LOL. So they broke into the mainstream more than most bands of that time.

There’s a lot more I could choose but I have to read essays for student conferences this morning. Have a good Monday!

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Cold weekend

  1. Judas Priest and Def Leppard and me well, they’re okay, but I was never into hard rock that much. They sound like really great songs to dance too though. Have a rockin’ week and thanks for joinin’ us!

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